Manmohini 21 June 2019 Written Update – Siya Confronts Mohini

Written Update: Manmohini 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Bindu cries holding Vanraj’s photograph cries that her child has turned mammoth and she is stressed for his life. Jhumri says with Vanraj’s gigantic power, he can get anything he desires and they will utilize Vanraj for their advantage. Raj Jyotishji slaps her and says he knew Jumri will attempt to hurt Vanraj, so he has educated her relatives and she won’t remain here for a moment.

Manmohini 21 June 2019

He pushes out of house and bolts entryway. Jhumri exhaust that Vanraj’s daddy dependably attempts to bomb her arrangement. Maya and Madira get Dayimaa also, taking her to a room inquires as to for what reason did Mohini murder Moha. She incites them against Mohini says even their lives are in threat and Mohini can kill them whenever, so they should be cautious. They trust her. She supposes she turned Mohini’s confided in assistants against her.

Mohini remaining in lounge room calls Rana noisily. Rana strolls to her and pushing her neck cautions to set out not yell at him. She drives him back and cautions him that he is nothing before her and not by any means fit to be her shoes, however she gave him regard and endured his babble as she adores him, if its all the same to he does his tongue and stop his drivel, she will pulverize him in a moment or two.

She embraces him and communicating her adoration for him cautions to simply cherish her and not verbally manhandle her. Smash breaks. Maya and Madira snicker. Siya makes vow not let Ram’s sense of pride destroyed by Mohini and she will deliver retribution from Mohini. Rana comes back to his room and exhaust that he had a decent family, however at this point he is stuck between chudails now.

He picks liquor glass and takes it close to his mouth, yet discards it irately. He at that point tumbles down, however Siya/Kali surges in and keeps her hand on floor ensuring him and harming her hand. Rana inquires as to why she chances her life to secure him. He causes her to sit, attendants his damage, and embraces her inwardly. Vanraj watches that from window and consumes in envy.

Kali inquires as to whether he has issue with this spot, at that point for what reason don’t he leave this spot. Rana says he has made vow to ensure Mohini till his final gasp, Mohini is a goden pen and he is caught in it until the end of time.

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