Manmohini 20 June 2019 Written Update – Kali confronts Mohini that

Written Update: Manmohini 20 June 2019 Written Update on

Jhrumi demands Bindu to educate truth concerning Vanraj’s revile. Bindu uncovers that Danavs/creature beast removed Vanraj in chilhood when Raj jyotishji and Dayimaa battled with Danavs and got back Vanraj, however danav’s revile imbued tiger soul into Vanraj which became large as Vanraj developed.

Manmohini 20 June 2019 Written Update

Siya and Dayimaa search granth in Mohini’s room. Siya gets drained and says there is no book here. Dayimaa says chudails never lie. Siya sees reflect and acknowledges granth is behind the mirror, so DK’s correct it is behind Mohini’s shadow. They discover granth behind mirror, Dayimaa requests that she read it as just imperial relative can peruse it. Siya peruses that Mohini needs to make Rana an abhorrence by nourishing her blood to him.

Moha enters and says she realizes they are Dayimaa and Siya and she will illuminate their fact to Mohini. She runs. Dayimaa keeps running behind her and gets her and asks Siya to proceed to stop Mohini. Mohini goes into Rana’s room holding blood and seeing him resting stretches out her hand to encourage him blood supposing they will join at last after he ends up wickedness.

Siya hurries to stop her, however before that Moha liberates herself and keeps running towards Mohini to illuminate her their fact when she slips on bangle and falls on Mohini who spills blood all over. Mohini furiously yells she spoilt her pooja and consumes Moha before hearing her. Rana awakens and seeing blood all over yells at Mohini that just a chudail like her can toss blood all over.

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