Manmohini 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Siya Traveling, Ram is in Danger

Written Update: Manmohini 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

Slam starts stifling when Siya enters. Gopika starts acting. Siya keeps running towards Ram when Gopika attempts to stop her. Siya flees and comes back with cover and hauls out Ram from fire. She holds Ram and cries that nothing will transpire. Slam seriously consumed says sorry and I adore you. Siya says I adore you as well.

Slam thinks back Gopika admitting she is Mohini and points hand towards her. Gopika gets strained that if Rana advises that she is Mohini, sautan won’t extra her. Slam breakdown. Siya asks Gopika to call rescue vehicle. Gopika figures Ram ought to be alive. Siya surges Ram to the clinic and specialists take him to OT. Gopika supplicates underhandedness to slaughter Ram, else his greatest devotee Mohini will pass on.

The specialist performs the activity on Ram and educates Siya that Ram is 40% consumed and is in basic condition, so he can’t utter a word until they cross treatment’s first stage. Siya keeps crying while Jhumri attempts to reassure her. Gopika gets cheerful seeing that. Mann hauls her aside pulling her hair and inquires as to whether she consumed Khajoor/Ram.

Manmohini 15 October 2019

Gopika inquires as to whether he has gone frantic, for what reason will she consume Ram who is her life. Mann requests to take her guarantee. Gopika takes phony guarantee and proceeds with her exaggerating, solicits how might he think from leaving from his mom.

She mentally programs him that Siya attempted to consume Ram. Mann irately leaves. Gopika hollers that she brought forth him, yet he is faithful to sautan/Siya rather; when she murders Ram, everything will be heavily influenced by her.

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