Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4 July 2019 Written Update – Jaya & Satya Get Pregnant

Written Update: Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4 July 2019 Written Update on

Samar and Shalini’s wedding ceremonies begin. Pandit requests that lady of the hour and lucky man trade festoons. Shalini is going to place festoon in Samar’s neck when Jerry stops her and says he needs to talk. Shalini says let mamma and pappa’s wedding complete first, he can talk later. Jerry holds her hand and demands to talk at the present time. Samar says she ought to tune in to kid. Family likewise demands. Shalini brings Jerry into a room and inquires as to for what reason did she stop her and father’s wedding.

Jerry says Samar isn’t her dad. Shalini says Samar more likely than not lied, she won’t extra Samar. Jerry says she lied and he heard her and Samar’s discussion, she needs to wed Samar uncle to deliver retribution. Shalini says it was all show, she will get him the toys he enjoys in the wake of the wedding. Jerry says, she is fouling up with Samar uncle. Shalini attempts to slap Jerry, yet Samar enters on schedule and stops her. Shalini cautions him to leave her hand. Samar cautions dare not to contact child and stoop so low to utilize her own child for her advantage.

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4 July 2019

He says kids are God’s blessing and in the event that Jerry discovered truth, at that point it is God’s will, she should quit playing with his and Jaya’s lives. Shalini says if his address is done, would they be able to complete the process of wedding. Samar reveals to Jerry it is waste to clarify Shalini, let the wedding total.

Jaya and Satya locate a shut godown where Vicky is kept prisoner and stroll in by opening entryway. They see goon cautioning attached Vicky to quit hollering, else he will junk him ruthlessly. Satya and Jaya play a trap and beating goons mercilessly free Vicky. Vicky says they should discover Shalini’s significant other who was here and went out talking over the telephone. Jaya says entryway was bolted outside. Vicky says there are mystery entryways inside this godown. Jaya asks what is Shalini’s significant other’s name. Shalini’s significant other comes and says his name won’t go out and they every one of the 3 will be slaughtered.

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