Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22 April 2019 Written Update – Jaya Finds Out Vicky’s Love For Satya

Written Update: Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 22 April 2019 Written Update on

Jaya hears Vicky admitting before Samar that he adores Samar’s relative/MIL and needs to wed her. He proceeds with that simply like Jaya is Samar’s first love, Satya is his first love. Samar endeavors to flag Vicky, yet he proceeds lastly observes Jaya. Jaya leaves stunned. Samar says Vicky that he attempted to flag him over and over, yet he didn’t comprehend and says not to worry about Satya calling him bhai saheb/sibling and flees calling him bhai saheb. In Satya’s room, she feels remorseful for chafing Vicky and supposes she went over the edge. Rama strolls in and inquires as to why she looks strained. Satya clarifies her entire story.

Rama says Vicky bhai saheb is vivid and she realizes how to quiet him down. Satya asks how. Rama says amras/mango juice. Samar returns to his room. Jaya lashes him with stick and says she simply wanted to get mamma remarried and he effectively fixed Vicky chachu for mamma. Samar asks what’s up in it, sasuma/MIL is Vicky chachu’s first love and sasuma feels upbeat in Vicky chachu’s organization and no one but he can keep her cheerful. Satya strolls to Vicky’s stay with aamras and apologizes for calling him elderly person, guarantees to think about him as multi year old and not multi year old. Vicky says he will think about her as a multi year old and not 47. She wavers and he persuades her and beverages cameras. Satya snickers seeing aamras mustache on Vicky’s lips. Vicky likewise snickers with her. Jaya with Samar watches them stowing away close entryway.

Samar demands Jaya again to consider Vicky for sasumaa as he is a sensible individual and never gloats about his riches notwithstanding being 80% proprietor of their business, no one but he can keep sasumaa glad. Vicky strolls in and inquires as to whether he can address Jaya for at some point. Jaya concurs and says she never observed mamma so glad and going over the edge for somebody. Vicky says she discovered that he cherishes Satya and needs to wed her, he will keep her upbeat rest of his life and it is up to Jaya now whether to acknowledge him for Satya or not. During the evening, Jaya thinks back Samar’s words and herself seeing Satya being extremely content with Vicky.

Next morning, Satya strolls into Vicky’s room. Vicky speedily awakens and supposing she came to take him for a morning walk says he will spruce up in 5 minutes. Satya says she came to restore his top and is returning home at this point. She welcomes him and leaves. Vicky thinks no one but Jaya can stop Satya now. Satya prepares to leave. Vicky envisions Jaya ceasing Satya and demanding her to remain back, however, Satgya says she can be come to through telephone call and strolls towards the entryway. Out of creative energy, Vicky asks Samar when will Jaya come. Samar requests that he be tolerant. Jaya keeps running towards Satya calling her mamma and candidly demands to remain back. Vicky celebrates seeing that.

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