Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2 April 2019 Written Update – Samar Signs Instant Divorce Papers

Written Update: Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2 April 2019 Written Update, on

Samar’s family are in distress after Samar signs moment legal documents. Prabha faults Jaya for her being mamma’s manikin and aimlessly following her mom. Chachaji backs her and says it is better if Sasural and maika are far away. Rama says it is little girl’s entitlement to be near her mom and she doesn’t fault Jaya for Satya’s evilness who stooped low and crossed her breaking points, she simply needs her bahu back home and returns in her child’s life.

Vicky reprimands them not to cry and to leave everything on god now. Rama requests that he recover her child and bahu home. Samar plans tea for Satya’s family. Shikha asks Karthik to accomplish something as should be obvious Samar’s condition. Karthik says he is powerless before Sasumaa. Richa advises him that Samar rejoined them. Samar enters with tea kidding and gives hot choc milk to Kabeer.

Kabeer unfortunately leaves. Servant conveys Jaya’s wedding dress from Dhruv’s home. Satya asks Samar to proceed to offer it to Jaya and on the off chance that it doesn’t fit well to get it redressed through tailor. Kabeer exits and implores God to help Samar. Vicky sees him strained and asks the reason. Kabeer taking a gander at Satya says he is fine. Vicky gets suspicious.

Samar strolls to Jaya’s stay with incredible trouble and thumping her entryway gives her wedding dress saying Dhruv sent it, she can check and illuminate on the off chance that it needs the shift. Vicky strolls to Satya and goes up against her. Satya says we attorneys utilize comparative show to fortify our case. Vicky proceeds with the tongue lashing her. Satya slips. He holds her. Principle Teri Dushman song plays out of sight.

Vicky says he heard the correct melody out of the blue. Satya asks what Jaya attempts her wedding dress and advises Samar it is lost in sleeves and a few spots, she is habituated to wear ideal dress previously. Samar takes the dress to tailor while Jaya watches him from window quietly. Samar enables works to empty wedding things and gets harmed. Jaya gets worried for him. Vicky enters and notification that.

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