Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12 June 2019 Written Update – What is Samar’s Master Plan

Written Update: Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12 June 2019 Written Update on

Jaya sitting tight for Samar in a recreation center thinks back their wedding and Samar’s tremendous dedication for her. Samar comes to there in his vehicle. A child comes before his vehicle and he applies unexpected brakes, s sparing kid. Crowd encompasses his vehicle and demand him to escape vehicle, and once he escapes vehicle, they demand him to come to police headquarters while he clarifies that he spared kid rather by applying unexpected brakes. Jaya watches that and hurrying to them faces them that they can’t are judges to give judgment.

Woman reveals to her child was going to kick the bucket under Samar’s vehicle. Jaya asks where was she when her child came before her, she should be occupied in versatile. Horde apologize Samar and leave. Jaya admonishes him to be cautious and he ought to have brought somebody in the event that he is distracted. He says he just needs her and says Shalini is certifiably not a correct lady, she has accompanied a proverb and herself acknowledged that Jerry isn’t his child, so he needs Jaya’s assistance to uncover Shalini’s fact.

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12 June 2019

Jaya takes Samar to Satya and says she needs to give one progressively opportunity to their marriage. Satya restricts as regular and attempts to delude her helping her to remember DNA report. Jaya says she doesn’t think about DNA report, she needs to wager on their genuine romance and in the event that it is demonstrated Jerry is extremely Samar’s child, she will exit. Satya again attempts to misdirect her, yet Vicky stops her and advises her that she had guaranteed to go with Jaya’s choice. Satya with scowling face surrenders.

At Samar’s home, Shalini utilizes enthusiastic atyachar and inquires as to whether she and her child won’t get their rights. Samar enters and says she will get her rights, he will acknowledge her. Shalini gets strained seeing his changed tone. He says he is taking her out on a supper date and she ought to be prepared at night. Shalini denies and says she is occupied at night, yet Samar requests that Rama persuade her. He calls Jerry, who comes running calling him daddy, and says he was grumbling that his dad does not offer time to his mom, presently he needs to take Shalini for supper, yet she is denying.

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