Main Bhi Ardhangini 8 May 2019 Written Update – Nilambari Acts Good Infront Of Chitra

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 8 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shweta getting desirous reasoning about Madhav and Vaidehi’s commitment. She reviews Nilambari promising her that their marriage won’t occur. She supposes it is sufficient, I won’t let my fantasy break and I will wed Madhav. I needn’t bother with anybody’s assistance and do it without anyone’s help. She comes to madhav. Madhav approaches her to pick the shading for him. Shweta says all hues suit you, however, I will sport dark. She says I realize you don’t love Vaidehi and is wedding her for weakness.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 8 May 2019

She requests that he take a gander at her and says there is no correlation of Vaidehi with her and says she is only garbage. She says you will feel embarrassed to take her out and says marriage will occur with the same status young lady, and tells that she will give him so much joy that he will overlook even Chitra, and asks him to wed her. Madhav inquires as to whether she is finished with her hogwash and cautions her not to say anything again for his eventual spouse. He requests that she leave. Shweta supposes she won’t bear any longer and Vaidehi needs to pay for her affront.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 8 May 2019

Shweta goes to Vaidehi’s room in the night while the last is resting and is going to wound her. She supposes I can’t lose from unskilled like you and will murder you for until the end of time. Chitra comes and prevents Shweta from assaulting Vaidehi, and says you can’t hurt her. She makes something tumbles down. Vaidehi awakens and yells seeing blade in Shweta’s grasp. She yells calling Madhav. Madhav makes Shweta drop the blade and cautions her requesting that she avoid Vaidehi.

Nilambari and others come there. Madhav says Shweta endeavored to murder Vaidehi. Nilambari slaps her and asks how could you to assault my future bahu and requests that she leave before she gets progressively irate. Shweta says yet I… Nilambari says I can’t excuse you and requests that her go. Madhav embraces Vaidehi to placate her. Nilambari applies Kajal in her eyes given by Tantrik and thinks to make Chitra trust that she is a changed individual at this point.

She leaves the room. Chitra is standing in front. Nilambari calls Chitra and says you have completed major support on me by sparing Vaidehi and says I guarantee that I will get Madhav and Vaidehi wed, and says this is my guarantee. Chitra figures in what capacity can Nilambari change all of a sudden. Madhav comes to Vaidehi and influences her to eat desserts. He says sorry for not taking activities against Shweta. Vaidehi says I have gone through my time on earth to get you and says you could get any great young lady, it is my predetermination that you acknowledged me.

Madhav asks what are you saying? Vaidehi says if some other young lady comes throughout your life who cherishes you more than me and on the off chance that you additionally adores her, at that point. She says she will lose him at that point. Madhav requests that her take out her dread from her heart and says marriage is a consecrated connection for me and I will dependably hold your hand and won’t abandon it.. he says no one can interfere with us.

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