Main Bhi Ardhangini 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Chitra attacks Vaidehi

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Nilambari peering toward Vaidehi and says today even God can’t spare you from Chitra, implore the amount you need to. She goes to the sanctuary and folds her hands. She applies Tilak to Vaidehi and favors her to be glad dependably. She requests that her bind raksha string to tie on Madhav’s hand. She ties the string on her hand and takes a gander at the ring. She suspects as much this is her raksha kawach. Vaidehi second thoughts to question her. Nilambari gets some information about the ring.

Vaidehi says it is given by Pandit ji to shield me from Chitra. Nilambari requests that her give the ring to her and says she will hold it under kuldevta’s feet and will restore the ring. Vaidehi looks on. Nilambari says I need my kids wellbeing and says it is alright in the event that you don’t confide in me. Vaidehi says she confides in her completely. Nilambari thinks Vaidehi came in her acting talks and supposes she will assault the trio. Vaidehi says I will likewise go to the kuldevta’s sanctuary to take the God’s gifts.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 4 July 2019 

Nilambari supposes she needs to trap her in her words trap. She says you confide in me or not, however I confide in you and confesses to that she will confess to a mystery which she didn’t tell anybody. She tells that as far back as Chitra kicked the bucket, I felt her quality and she supposes herself as Madhav’s better half. She says Chitra will never give you a chance to join together and tells that she won’t let anything happen to them and will deal with them. She says I would prefer not to go to Kuldevta’s sanctuary as Chitra’s eye are on you.

She gives her knickknack and asks her never to keep it a long way from her. Vaidehi says thanks to her and says I am cheerful that your favors are with me. Nilambari asks her never to remove off the ring and knickknack from her. She smiles while going. Later she calls Rani and Sangram. Nilambari says Jaichand don’t keep anything in his stomach. Rani says he is in the room. Nilambari says that knickknack is having tantrik’s mantras impact and will turn into Vaidehi’s neck rope. It will invalidates the surya kawach powers. She says we need to help Chitra and after that we will bloom. Rani and Sangram gestures their head.

Vaidehi wears the knickknack, simply then Chitra comes there and ambushes her gravely. Vaidehi is stunned and tumbles down. Madhav returns home and brings blooms for vaidehi. Chitra reveals to her that she can’t battle with her. Vaidehi says this surya kawach and the keys knickknack will shield me from you. Chitra says lets see and takes out the ring from her finger with her forces. She hits Vaidehi on the divider and attempts to strangulates her. She says Madhav’s evenings are mine and from today his days will be mine as well. She says I will end you for always, you can’t be spared from my anger. She slaps Vaidehi. Vaidehi leaves room.

Chitra keeps on assaulting her and pushes her while she is leaving. Vaidehi tumbles down. Madhav comes there and asks what befell her. Vaidehi says she is there and thinks to prevent Chitra from entering me. She attaches the chains to her body in the sanctuary and cries. Madhav is stunned and asks what’s going on with you. Chitra asks until when you will repel me from you. Madhav inquires as to why you are doing this and why? Vaidehi requests that he go and says until her mannat is satisfied, she will be in the sanctuary.

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