Main Bhi Ardhangini 26 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Malmal Hugs and Says

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 26 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Mohini disclosing to Vikrant that she isn’t his Malmal. Vikrant says Malmal is my past and my future, and my dastaan to finish. He says I will disclose to you later, and says you are so lovely, however so messy garments. Mohini requests that he shut up. Bhujang reveals to Vasudha that he needs to give Agni pariksha to spare the naag tatva, stop Vikrant and rebuff that disloyalty Mohini.

Vasudha says this flame can consume you. Bhujang says he needs to do this. Vasudha requests that he take the pot and consume his transgressions which he hasn’t done. Vikram changes Mohini’s garments with enchantment. Mohini asks him not to do this again and asks where are the children? Vikrant says we have only a little girl and different children are her nourishment. He says everybody needed my end, however, I am Anant and takes a gander at her with red eyes.

Mohini watches out for her ears and asks where are my children? Chunnu and different children are caught in a room. One of the snakes attempts to escape from the room however making an opening in the floor, yet he comes up short. Chunnu says Vikrant won’t do a similar misstep and make our departure simple. Topi Danav comes there and tells that he accompanied Adhiraj and Mohini, however, I came alone here.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 26 September 2019

He says I will liberate you from this ball, however comes up short. He says no one but Vikrant can liberate you from this enchantment. Chunnu tells that he had perused in the book that Bhujang had murdered Vikrant before, however, don’t have the foggiest idea how. Bhujang goes to the enormous tree and tells that Vikrant is back and requests that they help him to slaughter him. He sees the mystery entryway opening and discovers Adhiraj turning out. Adhiraj sees Bhujang. Bhujang asks how could you to thwart my tapasya.

Adhiraj says I can do anything, however, would not like to come here. Bhujang reprimands him for controlling Mohini and different snakes. He inquires as to whether he is with Vikrant. Adhiraj reveals to him that neither he is against him nor he is with Vikram. He says talking regarding Mohini, you won’t get faithful Sainik than her and says even today she is taking a chance with her life to satisfy your requests. He says she had spared children from Maha Maya, however Vikram hostage them once more.

Don’t have a clue what he will do with Mohini. Bhujang says he will make her Malmal and says it is a real issue. He says Vikrant needs to get Mohini. Adhiraj says we will proceed to slaughter him. Bhujang says we can’t battle with him. Adhiraj says you executed him previously. Bhujang says I had naag Mandal’s teenager tatva at that point and says in the event that I battle with him now, at that point I can bite the dust. He says I must be alive as I am the divider between the naagmandal and the enchanting work.

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