Main Bhi Ardhangini 25 September 2019 Written Update – Except Topi Danav

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 25 September 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shalaka revealing to Vikrant that she made their stay plans in haveli. Vikrant values her and asks Ponga to come. Shalaka asks where I will go? Vikrant says Naaglok and requests that her make Bhujang accept that regardless she works for him. Mohini gains cognizance and sees Adhiraj oblivious. She makes him gain awareness. He inquires as to whether she is fine. Adhiraj says yes. Mohini reviews and understands that snakes are absent. They call Chunnu. Mohini cries and plunks down. She says I couldn’t spare Chunnu and others. Adhiraj says we as a whole were oblivious aside from Topi Danav.

He says Topi must know and discover Topi requesting help.Chunnu says we need to discover the way and says Mohini will come here, however we will not do any mix-up, such as picking the stick. One of the snake tells that he discovered something and contacts it. The dividers become limited. Everybody yells. Chunnu additionally yells Mohini didi. Mohini hears him and discloses to Adhiraj that she felt something terrible occurring. Adhiraj asks Topi did he see that individual taking Chunnu. Topi tells that he just observed the reflection. Mohini says how I will demonstrate my face to Bhujang, he will never confide in me.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 25 September 2019

Adhiraj says this is an ideal opportunity to consider sparing them. Mohini inquires as to whether there is any approach to think about Chunnu and others. Topi says there is a way and tells that laltain Singh can support you. He tells the mantra and the white lights show up. He says in the event that you see red light, at that point feel that you have come to there. he couldn’t get up. Adhiraj requests that he come when he gets fine. He strolls following the lamp. Mohini asks Laltain to enable them to save the children.

Laltain tells that he can help just enormous jadugars and so on. Mohini argues infront of him. Adhiraj asks what do you need? He says oil well. Adhiraj asks I will give. Laltain giggles at him. Adhiraj moves toward becoming Adambaaz and folds his wings. Laltain asks him not to blow his lamps. Chunnu reviews Bhujang telling that they are great at burrowing the dirt. He requests that his companions burrow at the correct side of the spot with the goal that they get together.

They become snake and burrow inside the dirt before the dividers hit one another. They end up in Maha Maya’s haveli. The Serpents express gratitude toward Chunnu for his brains. They ask where are we? Chunnu thinks this is Maha Maya’s haveli, where we are caught. Laltain requests that he quit fluttering his wings and says I will let you know everything. Mohini asks who took the children with him. Laltain says I can’t take his names and tells that he is the King of fiendishness and requests that her overlook the children.

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