Main Bhi Ardhangini 23 May 2019 Written Update – Chitra Spoils Vaidehi

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 23 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Jaichand disclosing to Rani that he is eager. Madhav says I will proceed to help Vaidehi. Anuradha says Vaidehi is a decent cook and can make nourishment for all area alone. Dadi requests that the rest in his room and says we will call you when she is prepared with the nourishment. Madhav says alright and heading off to his room when Chitra as Vaidehi comes and tells that everybody is hanging tight for you.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 23 May 2019

Madhav says so soon. He says I need to disclose to you something and says you would have made nourishment by soliciting everybody from their decisions. He says even Chitra made the sustenance of their enjoying by asking them. Chitra says I know and requests that he go ground floor. Madhav says really I need to spruce up and is going to go. Chitra stops him and takes a gander at Vaidehi who is oblivious on the bed.

She tells that she is worn out what’s more, perspiring and says in the event that you go to washroom first, at that point I will get late. Madhav says alright and goes to the first floor. Chitra comes to room and bolts the entryway. She comes in her genuine structure as Chitra. Vaidehi gains awareness. Chitra says proceed to hear everybody’s insults. Anuradha calls Vaidehi. Vaidehi thinks why she is calling her.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 23 May 2019

Chitra makes her tumble somewhere around driving the seat on Vaidehi. Vaidehi gets up. Chitra says you will be rebuffed for grabbing my Madhav. Vaidehi turns out. Rani says what speed, you made nourishment quick and came prepared. Vaidehi says I made sustenance and is astonished. Anuradha and Vaidehi serve the sustenance. Vaidehi asks did I make this nourishment? Narayan says yes. Anuradha says this is your first rasoi and you need to assume the acknowledgment. Dadi clarifies her about the first rasoi. Vaidehi contacts their feet. She supposes when did I make this juice and supposes she doesn’t recall that anything.

Narayan eats the sustenance first and hacks. Vaidehi asks what happened Kaka. He drinks water. Jai Chand eats the nourishment and yells. He drinks water. Madhav looks astounded and tastes the nourishment. He additionally hacks. Chitra says your first rasoi can turn out to be last and now everybody will yell at you. Everybody feels the sustenance hot and hacks. Sangram says this is the most noticeably awful nourishment. Rani inquires as to whether she included a vegetable in mirchi, mirchi in the vegetable.

Anuradha requests that her serve kheer. Vaidehi checks and says it is coagulated kheer. Dadi says I went to the kitchen and included the flavors more. Vaidehi says I didn’t make this kheer. Dadi says she is pressure. Chitra thinks madhav will show her out. Madhav says botch is of us and not of Vaidehi. He says she is worn out and afterward likewise made this sustenance. Narayan offers shagun. Vaidehi says I can’t acknowledge it. Madhav says Vaidehi is a decent cook and we will value her endeavors. Chitra exhaust with annoyance and says she won’t let Vaidehi have her spot.

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