Main Bhi Ardhangini 2 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Anuradha & Vaidehi are hiding behind

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 2 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Nilambari inquires as to whether Anuradha is far fetched on them. Sangram says Anuradha is hearing Vaidehi and Vaidehi is constrained by Chitra. Anuradha says we need to check whether sasumaa says genuine or lie. Nilambari says she made Chitra abhorrent with much trouble and tells that they will be effective. The two of them are returning home. Sangram’s vehicle stops. Vaidehi’s vehicle go past behind their vehicle.

They achieve home. Vaidehi gets some information about Kaka’s words. Anuradha says no. Nilambari and Sangram return home. Anuradha gets some information about Narayan. Sangram and Nilambari lie that he is not kidding and that they can’t see him in that condition. Anuradha brings tea for Sangram. Sangram exclaims that he met Pandit ji. Anuradha asks which Pandit. She says I went to the medical clinic with Anuradha, however didn’t see you. Sangram says I went to get prescription at that point.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 2 July 2019

Anuradha shares with Vaidehi what Sangram said. Vaidehi calls Pandit ji, yet he is inaccessible. She says we need to go to meet Pandit ji. Jaichand comes there and requests that they give tiffin as he is going to emergency clinic. Anuradha gives tiffin. Vaidehi requests that he help him and tell about Chitra. Jaichand says she will execute me in the event that I take her name.

Vaidehi asks him not to take her name and let them know in a roundabout way. Jaichand says I will attempt and tells that Chitra’s spirit was your rakshak previously. Vaidehi is stunned. Nilambari comes there and asks what’s going on here. She asks Jaichand to go to emergency clinic and says Madhav needs rest. Jaichand says I am proceeding to leave. Nilambari offers Prasad to them and requests that they implore. They state alright. Vaidehi and Anuradha look on.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 2 July 2019

Madhav asks Vaidehi to have quality. Vaidehi inquires as to whether Kaka gets fine. Madhav says yes and asks her not to lose quality. Vaidehi embraces him. Madhav feels cerebral pain. Vaidehi says she will apply emollient and requests that he rests. She asks him not to stress, yet trust God. Jaichand calls Madhav and requests that he return home quick, as babu ji is not kidding.

Madhav says alright and discloses to Vaidehi that he will go. Vaidehi goes to the inhouse sanctuary and thinks who gave raksha strings to Badi maa. She inquires as to whether she realizes where do badi maa go for yatra and asks who gave her raksha string. Anuradha says I didn’t ask, yet Sangram was telling about Tantrik previously. Vaidehi says they were concealing something from us and went elsewhere.

Nilambari acknowledges herself and supposes she has acted truly well and thinks about him. She says truth is that she is extremely cheerful, Chitra and Madhav will join today. Rani and Sangram grins. Vaidehi reveals to Anuradha that they will check. They discover Nilambari’s telephone in her room. Vaidehi says there is a number which was called commonly.

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