Main Bhi Ardhangini 14 October 2019 Written Update – Kaal Purohit Asks Vikrant

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 14 October 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vikrant opening brahmand’s entryway to bring Malmal’s spirit out. They see Danavs attempting to turn out. Vikrant gets Adambaaz’s (Adhiraj) plumes and flies in air. Kaal Purohit asks did you slaughter any Adambaaz. Vikrant says I can kaal purohit too.

He consumes the Danavs utilizing Bhujang’s weapon. Mohini says opening brahmand means welcoming the wrongs out. Vikrant tells that you will be there after death and the Danavs are your future relatives. Mohini thinks about how to defer the marriage and reveals to him that she can’t do shamefulness with another lady.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 14 October 2019

Does Vikrant ask who is another lady? Mohini says Malmal and says she kicked the bucket as the wedded lady says still she is wearing your mangalsutra. She says as indicated by the Shastra, this marriage will be invalid. Vikrant asks kaal purohit what to do?

Kaal purohit says she is correct, you need to do Malmal’s shradh. Vikrant tells Mohini that her stunt was a great idea to get time. Mohini thinks she realizes that her Adhiraj will discover her. Bhujang and Adhiraj get Mangu. Piku discloses to them that her Papa caused her. Adhiraj says we know and are not annoyed with you. Bhujang says Vikrant’s nearby associate can support us.

Adhiraj says Piku knows nothing. Bhujang says I am discussing somebody and gets the enclosure in which Shalaka is caught. He asks how are you? Vikrant asks Kaal Purohit to do Malmal’s shradh well and asks Mohini how she is feeling with her future relatives.

Mohini is attached to the tree and requests that he free her. Vikrant says I am occupied with shradh and approaches her to hang tight for Adhiraj. He reveals to Malmal this is the utsav of her resurrection. Shalaka apologizes to Bhujang for deceiving him and says I am prepared to do anything. Adhiraj says Shalaka is with Vikrant. Bhujang says Vikrant had sent her to get nartak and she got captured. Like astute, he deceived Mohini and sent her here to get my nartak. He inquires as to whether she will support him.

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