Main Bhi Ardhangini 13 June 2019 Written Update – Chitra Plans To Do Something Big

Written Update: Main Bhi Ardhangini 13 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vaidehi disclosing to Madhav that their marriage occurred because of weakness and it was a mix-up. She says I wedded you, however, can’t be your Ardhangini. She says Chitra didi was your Ardhangini and will dependably be. Chitra says I concur with you out of the blue, I am Madhav’s Ardhangini, I will be your Ardhangini dependably. Madhav stands up from the bed and is going to slip. Vaidehi holds his hand. She causes him to sit on the bed and requests that he rests on the bed.

Madhav requests that she hear him out and solicits her not to be shaky from Chitra and says she is proceeded to be not in my life. Vaidehi says you had said that Chitra is your need. Madhav says you didn’t hear what I said after that and says Chitra is gone from my life, I simply cherish you and has overlooked Chitra and her recollections. Vaidehi looks on. Chitra gets irritated.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 13 June 2019

Madhav supposes why Vaidehi is as yet lost, what befallen her? He asks where are you lost? Vaidehi says you have quite recently Chitra’s spot on you and not me. Madhav asks what are you saying? Vaidehi says Chitra may feel terrible seeing me with you and tells that she will leave. Madhav says Chitra will be extremely glad seeing us together. Vaidehi says Chitra must feel miserable and agony seeing us together. He says you were discussing other Vaidehi, presently you are discussing Chitra.

He says you adore me since adolescence and needed to tow me and asks what occurred, in the event that she doesn’t care for him now. He requests that she answer him and says in the event that you don’t love me, at that point go now itself, I won’t stop you. Chitra says your advancement is to go from here, on the off chance that you make even a little spot, at that point, I will execute you.

Main Bhi Ardhangini 13 June 2019

Anuradha sprinkles gangajal in the house. Rani asks her. Anuradha says she is doing this for the improvement of the house. Does Rani ask Sangram for what valid reason would she say she is doing this? Sangram says might be Anuradha is suspicious that spirit is here. Anuradha reviews Pandit ji’s words and hangs lemon and bean stew in each side of the house. Jaichand, Sangram and Rani see the lemon and bean stew turning dark. Rani says I informed mum that Chitra returned. Madhav asks Vaidehi to answer him.

Vaidehi says I adore you. Chitra makes the water container fall and the water tumbles down on the ground. Vaidehi says I adore you and will love you generally. Chitra makes the electric wires fall in the water and causes the wire and water to go close Vaidehi. Simply then Anuradha comes there and calls her. Vaidehi leaves there. Anuradha attaches mala to her and tells that it is honored by God. She takes Vaidehi with her. Madhav looks on.

Anuradha inquires as to whether Chitra is here and is in charge of the peculiar things happenings. Vaidehi says yes and advises that she needs to leave from here and says on the off chance that I remain here, at that point Chitra will likewise remain here. She requests that her assistance her to make Madhav accept that she isn’t reasonable for him. Anuradha says you are hitched to Madhav and can’t go from here. Vaidehi says I have no other way and need to go from here.

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