Ladies Special 8 April 2019 Written Update – Amar Would Accompany Her

Written Update: Ladies Special 8 April 2019 Written Update on

Mandar stands up to Meghna for her over-functional reasoning and considering supplanting Jyoti from account office. Babita says her organization is developing at a quick pace and she needs an increasingly qualified and skillful individual. Mandar reminds that Jyoti bolstered her from the earliest starting point even before her organization was begun and this is the thing that she will give her consequently, she knows Jyoti needs this activity most. Jyoti enters and hears their discussion.

Meghna says she can’t disregard her organization for anybody. Jyoti leaves heartbroken. Meghna proceeds with that she will give administrator’s business to Jyoti. Mandar reminds Khadar bhai is an administrator. Meghna says she made security officer’s activity for Khadar and will make some other post for Jyoti, she realizes how to deal with anybody. Mandar cautions that with her over-common sense and quick pace, she will desert all her dear ones.

Puneeth with Prarthana drives vehicle towards Meghna’s home for gudi padwa festivities and thinks back his mom hollering that he is futile without occupation. Prarthana thinks back Viraaj lying her. Bindu prepares and trusts Amar goes with her. Amar strolls in talking over telephone wearing Bindu’s talented kurta pajama and telling he will work medical clinic tomorrow and not today.

Mota pappa and mamma state Bindu that they told Amar would go with her. Bindu celebrates. At Meghna’s home, Meghna and Mandar’s quiet battle proceeds. Baba sees them and reproves them to tackle their disparities inside a moment as visitors will come soon. Meghna grins and does gudi padwa festivity improvement. Jyoti enters and wishes cheerful guddi padwa to Mandar. He wishes back. Meghna wishes and embraces her. Prarthana and Puneeth enter wishing them. Bindu and Amar stroll in straightaway. Jyoti leaves quietly.

Meghna performs gudi padwa pooja with Mandar while all visitor remain behind. Bindu feels miserable thinking back Amar addressing Mani and approaching what blessing he should purchase for Bindu and Kangana. Mani inquires as to whether Mota pappa acknowledged Kangana. Amar says yes and depicts entire story, he says god needs him to be with Kangana. Bindu gets dismal hearing their discussion. Out of flashback, Amar discloses to Bindu that he is going on some work.

Bindu inquires as to whether he is going to meet Kangana. He says truly, she can return home by taxi and he will likewise take a taxi. Prarthana hears their discussion and says Puneeth will drop Amar and demands. Puneeth supposes she has moved toward becoming driver for everybody. After at some point, Prarthana endeavors to leave. Bindu gets strained that she needs to stop her till Viraaj comes and keeps her occupied with her babble.

Meghna takes Mandar out and meets a money office hopeful who went ahead Puneeth’s referral. Mandar says today is occasion, so he can come tomorrow. Hopeful awes Meghna saying he doesn’t dawdle and needs to work ordinarily. Meghna takes him to processing plant asking Mandar not to educate Jyoti. Jyoti hearing their discussion tails them. In the production line, hopeful discloses how to send proposition to the customer, and so forth, and says with her new huge contract, she needs to slice workers’ compensation significantly and pay them per dress piece.

Jyoti enters and faces that they don’t do this in their organization and treat representatives like family. Mandar strolls in straightaway. Applicant inquiries as to whether Jyoti is her accomplice or worker. Jyoti cautions him to mind his business and asks Meghna to clarify this all does not occur in their organization. Meghna says the applicant is on the right track to some degree and taking her out shouts why she jabs her nose in each issue, the competitor is knowledgeable and knows the business. Jyoti returns and inquires as to whether she needs her in her business or not.

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