Ladies Special 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Meghna informs Bindu via Phone

Written Update: Ladies Special 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Bindu’s companion Umedh keeps talking about their town and begins goats’ story. Bindu says she will get her versatile and how goats’ pics. Amar strolls in from emergency clinic and asks where is she going. She says to bring her portable. Umedh proceeds with the story where his dad, Mota Pappa/MP, Bindu’s dad were giving the test in school when goat enters and eat his dad’s answer sheet. MP says regardless he recalls that day when a goat ate maths paper and it began snarling math rather than Maya.

Amar strolls to Moti Mummy/MM and asks what’s going on, Bindu is remaining there and chuckling while MP is getting ready tea and bites. MM says she asked Bindu to be with her companion Umedh and looks like god heard her petition and Umedh must be Bindu’s ideal life accomplice. Amar gets desirous. Bindu gets Prarthana’s call and hurries to meet her. Meghna likewise comes to. Prarthana educates that Viraaj progressed toward becoming Parimal Industries’ CEO again and they have to move to Delhi now.

Ladies Special 4 July 2019

Bindu and Meghna salute her. Prarthana says Viraaj and mummy’s record is additionally disavowed now, mummy effectively arranged a Paris trip with maa, prior they were at loggerheads and now they are closest companions. Bindu says that is the thing that happens generally. Bindu returns home. Amar acquaints himself with Umedh. Umedh state he realizes him well and portrays in detail. Amar asks how can he know this. Umedh says MP educated this. Amar says he is going to the emergency clinic again and leaves.

Back in the medical clinic, Amar educates Kangana that Bindu’s companion Umedh has come who is jobless and MM needs to fix Bindu’s wedding with him. Kangana says MP won’t fix Bindu’s wedding with just a certified individual, so he can unwind. She inquires as to whether they are going on the Mediterranean and Caribbean journey for their nectar. Amar looks for Punit’s assistance who recommends to hurl and choose. Kangana hears their discussion and faces Amar.

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