Ladies Special 30 April 2019 Written Update – Prarthana & Viraaj’s Start Of New Life

Written Update: Ladies Special 30 April 2019 Written Update on

Viraaj and Prarthana’s wedding finishes in neighborhood train. Pandit articulates them as a couple. Everybody applaud them. Women examine this neighborhood train is extraordinary, as of late a woman conveyed child and today couple wedded. Prarthana and Viraaj’s folks favor them through the video call. Prarthana discloses to Viraaj that they wedded getting away structure journalists, in what capacity will they escape fro columnists once more. Viraaj says they can and take her to his little level. The two of them take every one of older folks’ gifts.

Her dad sincerely says for the most part individuals call senior part as head of family, however, Prarthana was head of the family and pursued all obligations, presently he needs Prarthana to lead a real existence she longed for. Meghna get cool beverages for everybody and conflicting with Mandar shouts at him and serves juice to other people. Amar sees it and inquires as to whether something isn’t right among Mandar and Meghna. Bindu says Meghna told Mandar is remaining in Khadar bhai’s room since a couple of days. Amar trusts their disparities clear soon. Parimal recommends Prarthana to control Viraaj well and not let him free.

Ladies Special 30 April 2019 Written Update

He offers employment to Punith, Punith expresses gratitude toward him for the offer and says he is endeavoring to fabricate is claim vocation now. Everybody leave welcoming Viraaj and Prarthana. Bindu and Meghna insult Prarthana not to be so severe with Viraaj and get sentimental with him as they are hitched now. Prarthana says she dos not realize how to sentiment. Meghna says she will learn and leave giggling. Prarthana strolls to Viraaj. Viraaj notes down the present costs and says he isn’t rich now and requirements to make do with his compensation.

A sentimental melody Ye Fitoor mera. plays out of sight. The two of them get sentimental and stroll to bed. Bed separates. Viraaj says he purchased second hand bed to set aside some cash and is following her recommendation. She giggles. Meghna and Mandar leave railroad station with their children. Children inquire as to whether Viraaj uncle and Prarthana aunt will remain in 2 distinct houses like them. Meghna says they will remain in the same home. Children state they like 2 unique houses as they can play in 2 better places.

They demand Meghna to give them, a chance to sleep with daddy today. Meghna concurs and asks Mandar not to discuss stories till late night as children have school tomorrow first thing. Mandar leaves with children. Meghna returns home and thinks back revealing to Mandar that soon they will purchase another house with a major room and enormous bed. Mandar says he like little bed as he wouldn’t like to avoid her. Out of flashback, Meghna exhaust that he guaranteed to be with her dependably and now left, she will rest alone on an enormous bed. A major sack is seen on her bed.

Viraaj discloses to Prarthana that she needs to rest on the floor on account of his mix-up. Prarthana says when he can leave everything for her, for what reason wouldn’t she be able to rest on the floor for him. He fixes bed on the floor and sits on it holding her hand. Power goes and he says he didn’t pay electric bill. Prarthana says she wouldn’t fret dozing in dull. The two of them get sentimental once more.

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