Ladies Special 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Prarthana informs Meghna and Bindu

Written Update: Ladies Special 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Bindu notes down her profile directed by Mota Pappa/MP and says he is bragging about her characteristics more than her faiba/grandma does. Moti Mummy says god spare Bindu with MP’s arrangement and expectations she gets her ideal life accomplice soon. Anand grins hearing that and leaves. A man escapes vehicle and strolls towards Bindu’s level.

A cutting edge clothing wearing woman strolls into Meghna’s home and inquires as to whether this Meghna Nikade’s home, she is English instructor and went ahead Meghna’s call. Meghna says she is Meghna Nikade and needs to contract English educate for her youngsters. Educator making odd face inquires as to whether she needs to instruct in this chawl. Jyoti with other neighbor women strolls in and they hear Meghna’s discussion. Meghna asks what’s up being in chawl.

Ladies Special 3 July 2019 

It is extremely perfectalso, even we are people, she can come here to work with no stresses. Educator gestures yes and leaves. Jyoti with women stroll in and acclaims Meghna’s answer, says they need her assistance. Meghna causes them to sit and goes to get ready tea. Jyoti welcomes baba. Kids joyfully embrace her and visit with her. Jyoti then strolls into kitchen and commendations Meghna that she accomplished what she needed to going for broke, so they came to look for her assistance. Meghna serves them all tea.

They demonstrate her record where developer is intending to redevelop their chawl and solicitation her to meet manufacturer. Meghna says she will look for Mandar’s feeling with respect to this and when Mandar returns home she illuminates him entire circumstance. Mandar says they regard Meghna’s hazard taking nature and her development and trust her, so they are looking for her assistance, she should help them without a doubt. He takes Meghna to women and requests that when meet manufacturer.

Viraaj’s uncle begins Parimal ventures directorate meeting and deceives them to make him CEO of organization. Viraj strolls in with Prarthana and Daas babu. Uncle asks who let him in, he isn’t organization’s worker now. Viraaj says he is the organization’s 39% investor. Daas says all workers had purchased offers and they all moved their offers in Viraaj’s name.

Uncle attempts to genuinely malalign Viraaj’s picture and requests that chiefs pick flippant CEO or wise like him. Viraaj returns that his dad and granddad buckled down from ground level learning scratch and skill of the business and considered workers as family and let them develop, even he did same according to his family’s genealogy, so he is reckless like his dad and granddad. Chiefs like his defense and make him CEO of the organization.

Bindu opens entryway hearing entryway chime. An attractive man asks how is she, did she recognize him. Bindu says she believes she knows him. He gives her prasad and says her folks requested to offer it to her and left for their town. She says even now she didn’t recognize him. He uncovers he is her cherished companion who used to play cricket with her. She energetically recognizes him and thinks back youth days. MP additionally distinguishes him and inquires as to whether he was working abroad.

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