Ladies Special 26 April 2019 Written Update – Viraaj & Prarthana Wedding?

Written Update: Ladies Special 26 April 2019 Written Update on

Amar discloses to Bindu that he realizes it is hard to take the choice, in the event that they need to pick among heads and tails of a coin, what will she pick. Bindu says she will pick heads dependably, why he is mistaken subsequent to concur for the medical procedure. Amar says he isn’t denying, however, is simply confounded. Bindu says Kangana’s dad is a best specialist and Kangana adores him a great deal, if there is any hazard inactivity, she herself would have rejected it.

Mota pappa meets Kangana’s dad and leaves his lodge. Father discloses to Kangana that they are fouling up. Kangana says there is nothing incorrectly in this, she is sure about it. Father says he supposes Bindu got suspicious. Amar strolls in and says he is prepared for medical procedure. Viraaj’s dad Inderjeet strolls towards Prarthana’s home. Journalists crowd

him and ask who is Prarthana Kashyap and when and where is wedding setting, and so forth. Father leaves saying no remarks. He gets into Prarthana’s home and Prarthana’s dad welcomes him in. Inderjeet asks Seetaram to give shagun. Seetaram takes out vehicle keys. Insatiable Rachna gets glad that Inderjeet is giving vehicle as shagun. Seetaram holds back vehicle and gives cash. Inderjeet gives cash as shagun and requests that he keep his duffer child upbeat dependably. Columnists keep on talking neighbors asking who is Prarthana. Prarthana with Viraaj watches from window and says she doesn’t care for so much attention.

Viraaj says they will leave in at some point. Inderjeet says Prarthana would have confronted media regardless of whether she had picked singing vocation, she can’t escape from media for long. Viraaj requests to not terrify her, else she will drop wedding. Inderjeet says she won’t this time. News correspondents talk about that they should scratch Viraaj and Prarthana’s name like Viraat Kohli and Anushka’s. Some propose Vipraj, Rajpra, and so forth. Puneeth says Pravi would be fine. Columnist says Vrarthana is chosen. Prarthana dislikes it and reveals to Viraaj that she needs a straightforward wedding without this dramatization, else she will drop it.

Kangana’s dad discloses to her that he doesn’t feel great concealing truth. Kangana says he needs to do it for her. He calls somebody. Bindu leaves the clinic with Amar and Mota pappa/mamma when Viraaj calls her and solicitations to achieve Prarthana’s home immediately. Meghan on the opposite side addresses attorney over the telephone and persuades her to take up Jyoti’s significant other’s case and ensure he gets safeguard in first hearing itself. Legal counselor guarantees her.

Bindu calls Meghna and educates that Prarthana acknowledged Viraaj’s proposition and Viraaj proposed her in neighborhood train, he has called them both to his sasural/Prarthana’s home at this moment. Meghna surges out of the house. Mandar stops her and says he needs to talk something significant. Meghna leaves saying not presently. Mandar attempts once more, yet Meghna leaves disregarding. Mandar holding his acquiescence letter strolls home and educates his choice regarding leaving to Baba. Baba requests that he take educated choice and not make his family life as Mahabharata.

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