Ladies Special 24 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Bindu, Meghna, & Prarthna on conference

Written Update: Ladies Special 24 June 2019 Episode Written Update on

Bindu prepares in excellent pink chudidar, gems and cosmetics to meet the kid and taking a gander at her and Amar’s wedding photograph feel pitiful. She at that point goes in nearby train and expectations no one gets injured genuinely as a result of her. Amar strolls to his lodge and blessings a major rose bundle to Kangana. Kangana insults Punith in the event that he currently acknowledged the amount Amar adores her.

Punith says Amar gave her bundle out of kindness like in films where saint blessings enormous bunch to champion out of blame on the off chance that he has an unsanctioned romance with another young lady. Kangana strolls to Amar and inquires as to for what reason did he give a major bunch today. Amar goes into flashback where a bloom selling young lady hands him over bundles and demands him to purchase. He concurs. She makes 2 bunches into one. Kangana asks what befell him.

Ladies Special 24 June 2019

He says nothing. Bindu meets kid at a café who presents himself as Karan. The two of them split subterranean insect joke and snicker. Karan says their tendency matches and requests nourishment. Bindu inquires as to for what reason did he request sustenance for her without asking her decision. He says spouse needs to change and obey husband after marriage and gets pompous. Bindu tosses water on him and cautions he is excessively haughty, chill off. Amar in his lodge grins and acknowledges he was envisioning this.

Prarthana calls Punith and solicitations him to oversee guardians till she comes back from the special first night. He says it is hard to deal with 3 elderly folks individuals, particularly Viraaj’s fit of rage tossing mother. He jokes that Viraaj’s mom ought to be sent to Kangana as Kangana is a decent specialist, crying youngsters get into Kangana’s lodge and exit grinning. Prarthana requests that he quit kidding and concur as next Raksha Bandhan blessing. Punith concurs. Kangana hearing his discussion says she is astonished hearing gestures of recognition from him.

Ladies Special 24 June 2019

He says she is no uncertainty a decent specialist, however not a decent human. She says he doesn’t have a clue how her adolescence was without her folks. Punith says they endured destitution and his sister needed to work since multi-year old and says her dad is a world-class specialist and clearly he would be occupied in his calling and couldn’t offer time to her; even Amar and she may exceed expectations as world-class specialists and may not discover time for their kids. Bindu strolls to Amar and inquires as to whether they will likewise not possess energy for their kids.

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