Ladies Special 22 April 2019 Written Update – Kangana Increasing Arrogance

Written Update: Ladies Special 22 April 2019 Written Update on

Amar gives his medicinal reports to Puneeth and requests that he toss it in dustbin as everybody is behind his reports and needs to attempt resultless medications. Puneeth says Mota pappa and Bindu are making a decent attempt to support him. Amar says he doesn’t need them to strain themselves and ruin their wellbeing for them, today Bindu crumbled remaining in sanctuary queue. Kangana hears their discussion and considers if Bindu’s eyes were red thus. Amar leaves asking Puneeth to not toss reports and doesn’t offer it to anybody. Kangana strolls in and requests that Punnet give Amar’s restorative reports. Puneeth says he can’t.

Kangana yells on the off chance that she needs to take driver’s consent now. Puneeth says he is Amar’s colleague and is simply following his requests. Kangana keeps shouting at Puneeth what’s more, endeavors to grab document, however, he doesn’t. Amar enters, and they stop. He returns home and feeds medication to Bindu and says she and Kangana are both inflexible and portrays how Kangana demonstrated her self-importance and inquired as to why he and Bindu’s eyes were red and for what reason did not rest an entire night. Amar inquires as to whether she is crazy. Kangana proceeds and prevails with regards to taking Amar’s restorative reports.

Ladies Special 22 April 2019 Written Update

Kangana returns home and demonstrates Amar’s restorative reports to her dad. Her dad checks therapeutic reports and illuminates there are just 2% odds of progress after the medical procedure, so they can’t go out on a limb. Kangana cries that he guaranteed to get Amar at any expense and proceeds with that Bindu is attempting all kind of traps to get Amar. Puneeth returns home and vapors before Prarthana that Kangana is a most pompous lady and depicts what occurred in Amar’s office and afterward Kangana discovering him outside emergency clinic sitting tight for auto and provoking him that he is only a driver.

He says he is Amar’s right hand and he feels sorry for on Kangana’s reasoning. Kangana says she knows Bindu has procured her companion’s sibling to keep an eye on her. Puneeth cautions not to drag his sister in their battle. Kangana keeps hollering and leaves in her vehicle pointing at Amar’s medicinal reports. Out of flashback, Puneeth says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea who Amar endures Kangana. Viraaj’s dad reveals to Viraaj that Prarthana has a greatest employment offer from adversary organization and in the event that she acknowledges it, it is her success and Viraaj’s misfortune and in the event that she doesn’t, it is Viraaj’s success.

Kangana illuminates Puneeth that she found a new line of work offer where rival organization needs her to uncover Viraaj’s organization’s mysteries, however, she dismissed it. Puneeth says she is acting youthful like him. Mother strolls in and hollers at Puneeth and asks Prarthana to acknowledge Viraaj’s proposition. Prarthana says she will never acknowledge rich liar Viraaj Parimal’s proposition and her choice is conclusive. Viraaj on the opposite side tells his dad that he knows Prarthana and she will never acknowledge him back. Seetaram says Viraaj is correct, presently just his dad can spare him.

Meghna discusses sleep time stories to her kids. Kids demand to call daddy as father recounts the better story. Meghna thinks back Mandar presenting stories with gestures and overlooking in the center and she reminding him. She misses him and goes to his lease stay with his bedsheet and cushion. He says he won’t return home. She says she didn’t come to demand him and just came to perceive how he will rest bearing Khadar bhai’s wheezes. Mandar says it is superior to Meghna’s wheezing. Meghna says she never wheezes. Their nok jhok proceeds.

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