Ladies Special 21 June 2019 Written Update – He Arrogantly says after Marriage

Written Update: Ladies Special 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Prarthana joins Bindu and Meghna at the nearby train station. The two of them inquire as to why she is late today. She says there is an issue going on at home, Viraaj’s mom thinks their concern is transitory and they will come back to an old rich life, she can’t invest quality energy with Viraaj. Meghna and Bindu insult her.

Ladies Special 21 June 2019

Prarthana goes into flashback where while going in neighborhood train with Viraaj approaches where is he taking her for their wedding trip. He says sacred journey as they will get old till they set aside cash. She says there is nothing incorrectly in gloating and inquires as to whether they can go to Switzerland, he says Mauritius, she says Niagra falls, he is Africa, she says they can even do African move.

Co-passenger proposes Nepal and one recommends Dehradoon. Out of flashback, Prarthana says this is her concern. Bindu clarifies her concern that Mota pappa is discovering coalition for her. Prarthana brings vada pav and says Meghna likes hot sauce, she prefers sweet, Bindu likes hot and sweet, however, they every one of the 3 will have same vad pav and life is comparative, hot and sweet.

Ladies Special 21 June 2019

Meghna and Bindu joke and contact her feet. Meghna then blessings her Mahabaleshwar special night bundle. Mota pappa asks Amar to enable him to choose a kid for Bindu. Amar says he is occupied and can’t. Moti mummy inquires as to whether he doesn’t need Bindu towed.

He says he needs, however, needs her to wed an ideal match. Mota pappa says then can go at that point, he will fix Bindu’s gathering a kid at that point. Amar gets strained and remains at home.

Smash persuades school chief to sign on Meghna’s youngsters’ affirmation structure and says Meghna madam will be exceptionally cheerful and he can do anything for her as she got him out of prison. He at that point demands her to call Meghna and illuminate herself.

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