Ladies Special 2 April 2019 Written Update – Rachna not Liking Viraaj

Written Update: Ladies Special 2 April 2019 Written Update. on

Meghna returns home with Jyoti and Mandar. Jyoti apologizes Meghna and says she got anxious before the customer. Meghna shouts she spoilt her arrangement and talked dumb. Jyoti says she got befuddled hearing their English. Meghna hollers she brags about her English here and spoilt their gathering. Mandar cautions her to stop. Meghna hollers at him not to meddle and leaves shouting at Jyoti. Mandar apologizes for Meghna’s benefit. Jyoti says she thought they were the group and would get the hang of helping one another, Meghna has changed.

Kangana holding up outside Amar’s loft building thinks Kangana would have educated Amar about her encounter, let her do anything she desires and there is nothing incorrect in it. Bindu strolls to her. Kangana grinning at her inquiries as to whether she came to apologize. Kangana grins at her and says she came to answer her and now she ought to listen quietly. She depicts what Amar told and she is simply supporting her companion in his extreme occasions; she knows Kangana sent legal documents to Mota pappa, and still, at the end of the day she stayed silent as she needs Kangana and Amar rejoin, Kangana should confide in herself as opposed to dreading to lose Amar to her, and so forth.

Kangana inquires as to whether she wouldn’t like to get Amar. Bindu says they long for stars and moon, yet they can’t get it. Prarthana considers disliking Viraaj previously and changing in the wake of realizing he is excessively rich, at that point thinks about Viraaj’s falsehoods and Bindu recommending to hear him out once. Meghna calls her and shouting that she lost her enormous request in light of Jyoti, inquires as to whether she is fine and if Viraaj did not inconvenience her. Prarthana says he endeavored to address her, yet she didn’t let him. Meghna shouts she break his legs and get him ambushed by manufacturing plant ladies. Prarthana says Bindu needs her to tune in to Viraaj once. Meghna shouts Bindu is honest, she ought not to concur by any stretch of the imagination.

When she disengages call, Rachana says Bindu is correct. Meghna faces that she was contradicting previously and now needs to consider Viraaj. Puneeth backs Prarthana and says Rachna got covetous seeing Viraj’s cash. Rachana says Viraaj is all around settled and not a jobless like Puneeth. Father enters and admonishes her. Prarthana quiets down Puneeth. At Meghna’s plant, Jyoti cries thinking back Meghna’s severe words and discloses to Mandar that she needs this activity as her significant other is in prison and she is forlorn provider of family currently, going into flashback where she meets her better half in prison and demonstrating to him her first pay look at guarantees to safeguard him. Meghna sees her miserable and embracing her apologizes, says she should figure how to understand that request as they can purchase their very own godown in 1 year with those sort of requests. Mandar leaves seeing her undaunted nature. Around evening time, Mandar does not get rest and thinks Meghna is running so quickly that she won’t possess energy for her dear ones.

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