Ladies Special 19 June 2019 Written Update – Bindu meets Meghna and cries

Written Update: Ladies Special 19 June 2019 Written Update on

Mother yells yee recycled window AC, if his dad was alive, he would have kicked the bucket again observing recycled window AC. He fits proceed. Professional illuminates there is no spot to fix window AC in room. Mother pitches more fits. Expert says he have to break window and spread it with compressed wood. Rachana says it is leased house. Mother shouts on the off chance that they don’t have their own home. Racha requests to break window.

Mandar and Meghna’s contentions proceed. Baba requests that they quit making home a fish showcase. Mandar leaves. Meghna says Baba that Mandar is desirous of her advancement, so he generally battles with her. Mandar comes back to his room and attempts to get ready supper while Khadar bhai bugs him from behind. An upscale café’s conveyance kid conveys sustenance to Mandar.

Ladies Special 19 June 2019

Mandar says he didn’t structure it. Khadar bhai demands to t ake it. Mandar says it will cost his 4 days’ compensation and requests that he pay. Khadar bhai denies. Meghna strolls in and says she requested sustenance and pays conveyance kid. Mandar inquires as to for what reason did she request from such an exorbitant café. Meghna requests that he quit battling and eat with him. They sit for supper. Mandar inquires as to whether she needs to demonstrate that he can’t bear the cost of such an expensive nourishment, yet she can.

Meghna says he knew she longed for having nourishment in that eatery. Mandar says she should have booked table there itself as she could have done some hotshot. Meghna requests that he quit whining dependably and insults that his presumptuous frame of mind caused him to lose contract and she got it with her insight. Mandar inquires as to whether despite everything she trusts Ram did not take citation. Meghna proceeds with her contention. They exit. Meghna says she can’t illuminate kids that they didn’t get affirmation in International school, she will attempt her best and get confirmation at any expense.

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