Ladies Special 18 June 2019 Written Update – Amar asks Bindu if Mota pappa called

Written Update: Ladies Special 18 June 2019 Written Update on

Mandar says they will be alert entire night and won’t go to class in the first part of the day, so it is better they rest now and go to class toward the beginning of the day. Meghna requests that they go to their room as they are exasperating her. She exits with Mandar and inquires as to whether he is as yet irate on her.

Ladies Special 18 June 2019

He says he is irate as she isn’t dealing with herself and is caught up with working record-breaking, presently she is attempting to make individuals envious. She says she works for herself and not to make individuals envious, it is on the grounds that he disregarded her and left her home and even her business.

Prarthana asks Seetaram to proceed to hold back stolen beautifying agents from Parimal Mansion. Viraaj’s mom sees beautifying agents and enthusiastically takes sack to her room. Prarthana stands seething. She reveals to her difficulty to Punith that everybody needs to do their bit, Seetaram is prepared to work without pay, Viraj needs to renounce his fotune, she doesn’t have even an inkling what to do.

Punith says he will dad Seetaram’s compensation, it is dependent upon her whether to guarantee back Parimal enterprises or not. Viraaj enters and says let us do without it and says his greatest resource is Prarthana’s adoration and he can alter in any circumstance, however his mom is thinking that its troublesome.

Amar prepares to eat date with Kangana. Bindu requests that he drop her in transit. He drives vehicle thinking back Kangana disclosing to him that her discovered marital site is awesome and they will discover groom for Bindu soon and get her wedded.

Bindu requests that he drop her off outside railroad station and once out of his vehicle applies mehandi to road kids giving good gyaan of her Faiba’s philosophies. She at that point goes in nearby train tragically when Mota pappa calls her enthusiastically and requests to return home as there are 5 proposition for her. She asks just 5.

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