Ladies Special 14 June 2019 Written Update – Mota pappa dances and informs family

Written Update: Ladies Special 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Mota pappa says they can include a couple of more words. Bindu says she battles a great deal while playing feign, she doesn’t progress toward becoming sanskari just by doing pooja, and so forth. Mota pappa says Amar thought well and made this profile. Does Bindu inquire as to whether Amar truly considers her? Punith calls gem dealer to Amar’s office. Gem dealer shows rings to Amar and lauding every one asks which one he loved. Amar, he is confounded, so he will take Bindu’s assistance.

He calls Kangana and says she is commitment young lady. Kangana cheerfully embraces Amar. Gem specialist says madam will choose the best ring. Kangana chooses a ring and inquires as to whether this is great. He says yes. She recollects Punith insulting that Amar just gestures to her and does not by any stretch of the imagination cherish her.

Ladies Special 14 June 2019

She demonstrates another ring and inquires as to whether this is great. Amar gestures yes and says he will call Bindu to choose the ring. Kangana furiously leaves. Punith enters. Amar inquires as to for what reason did Kangana go. Punith says self-important young ladies do dependably. Amar asks what..Punith says nothing and demonstrates to him a ring to choose. Amar calls Kangana and demonstrates her ring. She loves it and he fixes it in her ring finger and proposes for marriage. Kangana joyfully concurs.

Ladies Special 14 June 2019

Meghna thinks back Mota pappa offering bank chief’s card and thinks to meet director. Mandar sees his supervisor in the neighborhood train station and asks what is he doing here. Supervisor says he needs to achieve some spot, they can talk in transit. He goes about as getting the call and talks about Meghna Garments shockingly, at that point educates Mandar that Meghna Garments stole their Smyle articles of clothing contract citation changed cited low finally minute to win the contract.

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