Ladies Special 10 June 2019 Written Update – Mota pappa dances and says

Written Update: Ladies Special 10 June 2019 Written Update on

Amar says yes. Bindu says at times they hold up long to get something and in some cases, they get it all of a sudden, in some cases, it is the other way. Their talking proceeds. Prarthana and Viraaj don’t get rest hearing Rachna’s wheezing. She messages him in the event that he is alert. He answers yes. She says sentiment on talk is pleasant. The two of them go to the kitchen to get ready espresso holding each other’s hand.

Punith sitting close-by contemplating on workstation approaches to planning espresso for him moreover. Viraaj asks what’s going on with him. Punith says he is contemplating. viraaj asks in dim. Punith says he would not like to irritate them. Viraaj says he isn’t getting rest. Punith says he can comprehend as he lost everything so all of a sudden. Viraaj says let us appeal to God for father as he is taking a gander at us from paradise.

Ladies Special 10 June 2019

Meghna sitting on nearby train station seat with Mandar inquires as to whether they will get their kids’ affirmation in that school. He says yes. She says they ought to as she is Swapna Garment’s proprietor. She inquires as to whether he will love their third tyke. He says yes. She says after conveyance, she will move to a tall structure condo; nods off on his shoulder.

Khadar bhai sights Ramadan moon and implores god to clear Mandar and Meghna’s disparities. Baba likewise supplicates god same. Mota pappa appeals to God for Bindu and Amar’s solidarity, Moti mummy additionally supplicates same. Next morning, Bindu and Amar are seen dozing on couches, Meghna and Mandar on seat, Punith and Viraj/Prarthana on eating seats.

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