Ladies Special 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Mandar & Meghna Dance

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At Meghna’s home, Baba asks Meghna to play bhajan on her portable. She does. Smash enters with her arranged to bless and says her vehicle shading is extremely decent, even Jyoti said same. Meghna energetically asks what else did she say. Smash goes into flashback where Jyoti says she is glad for Meghna. Smash inquires as to for what reason don’t she proceed to praise her.

Jyoti says Meghna has changed, on the off chance that she was old Meghna, she would have held her hand and taken her to her new vehicle. Out of flashback, Ram says she recently said that. Meghna thinks old Jyoti would have embraced and complimented her and demanded they travel to Siddhi Vinayak and different places in the vehicle. Smash leaves. Meghna keeps blessing box and strolls towards the entryway.

Ladies Special 1 July 2019 Episode

Mandar strolls in. Baba discusses Shayari and asks Meghna to give her brought present for Mandar and Mandar give his brought present for Meghna. Mandar checks to bless and says it is all around expensive. Baba chastens to esteem feelings and not cash. He at that point gives them final proposal to stop their battle and begin living respectively once more, else he will go to Badrinath and remain there in harmony.

He asks Mandar to take him out and illuminates that he hosts organized their tenth wedding commemoration gathering and has welcomed their companions. Meghna prepares to mumble for what reason did baba organized gathering when she is in no disposition. Mandar enters with his sacks. She slips, and he holds her. Bindu and Prarthana enter with blessing boxes and hack.

Ladies Special 1 July 2019 Episode

The two of them get a caution and Mandar says she slipped, so he held her. Bindu jokes. Gathering begins. Meghna with Mandar cuts the cake and educates companions that she and Mandar have chosen to remain together once more. Viraaj jokes, Bindu and Prarthana chuckle, and state they realized it would occur and were sitting tight for it. Meghna goes into flashback where the two of them talk about in the event that they ought to comply with Baba’s organization and remain together.

She demands him to demonstrate his blessing. He says it is exceptionally little, she demands and he reluctantly indicates piggy bank. She gets cheerful. He says she talented him a vehicle and valuable blessing, however, he could oversee just piggy bank. Out of flashback, Bindu and Prarthana inquire as to for what reason did she blow up on Mandar at that point.

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