Kundali Bhagya written update May 6 2019

Kundali Bhagya written update May 6 2019: The scene of Kundali Bhagya begins with Sherlyn’s mom preventing her from going out with Prithvi. She secures her in the restroom. Somewhere else, Rishabh and dadi come to meet Rakhi and they look stressed. Rakhi instructs them to quiet down. Rishabh shares with her how a server had educated him that she had fallen in the kitchen region. Rakhi reveals to him nothing of that sort happened to her and that somebody misinformed him.

Rishabh defies the server and the last illuminates him that he was approached to deceive him by a man. Rishabh gets some information about the individual, however, the server says he couldn’t see his face as the man was wearing a cover. He says yet he can perceive the man by his garments. The server meets Karan and Rishabh and advises them that he couldn’t discover the man in the gathering.

At that point, they ask about the kind of veil the man was wearing and see Prithvi moving in front of an audience. The two of them keep running towards Prithvi however the young lady professing to be Sherlyn alarms him. The carbon copy of Prithvi begins running while Karan and Rishabh pursue him.

In the interim, Sarla figures out how to flee from the grip of the man and spots a van. She requests help from the van uninformed that it is a similar van which has been sent to abduct her. The goons take Sarla at a detached spot close lake. Sarla battles with the goons and figures out how to flee, yet she gets hit by Sherlyn’s vehicle. Seeing Sarla, Prithvi conceals his face.

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