Kundali Bhagya 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Shrishti Enters Asking

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Prithvi’s men toss a plate from the gallery deliberately just to divert them all, Prithvi then tosses something in the Mandap that causes a great deal of smoke, everybody leaves the lobby, Karan additionally attempts to leave yet is halted by Prithvi who requests that he see him first he at that point makes him smell something that prompts him getting oblivious, they take Karan in the room where Prithvi hits him with something very similar with which Karan hit him, he arranges Raga to watch out for Karan and not let him get free, Raga clarifies that on the off chance that they make him smell chloroform, at that point he will kick the bucket, Prithvi clarifies that they should remove his garments as then Karan won’t most likely do anything, Prithvi feels that he will consistently take what he needs which is to wed Preeta.

Sarla asks Shrishti to call the visitors inside as she feels that they will have no issue, Samer says that he will call them as she will take a great deal of time, Sarla asks that her girl’s wedding occurs with no issue, Shrishti inquires as to whether she feels that they ought not let this wedding occur, Sarla clarifies that on the off chance that this was the situation, at that point it ought to have happened when Sherlin accompanied the police where they would have taken her to imprison yet on the off chance that it didn’t occur, at that point it implies that god additionally needs them to get hitched, Shrishti imagines that she doesn’t need them to get hitched.

Kundali Bhagya 27 August 2019

Samer calls everybody inside, Sarla says that she is likewise exceptionally inquisitive about what happened Rakhi gets some information about what he had blended in the flame that caused such smoke he clarifies that there was nothing incorrectly on his end. Samer marvels where Karan had gone he calls his name noisily that excites doubt all over, he promptly clarifies that he got a call from him, they at that point wonder where Prithvi has gone, his mom says that he was remaining in the corridor when the smoke yet she is ignorant of his present whereabouts.

Prithvi shuts the entryway, he is strained when his men ask what the issue is he clarifies that he feels something is deficient yet don’t have the foggiest idea what it is, he says that he needs Karan to see him in the wedding dress, they attempt to wake him yet he doesn’t then Prithvi brings a glass of water from which he tosses a little water then he purges the whole glass, when Karan wakes him is remaining before him.

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