Kundali Bhagya 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – She Bumps into Another Girl

Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

Karina leaves, Prithvi briskly goes into the room asking what she needs to state, she makes reference to that she needs Preeta out of her life, he gets truly stunned inquiring as to whether it was the main thing, she says that she needs him to get hitched with Preeta as quickly as time permits in such a case that he doesn’t do it then their arrangement will be destroyed in light of the fact that Rakhi and every other person in the Luthra family still trust her a great deal so in the event that she goes to the house she, at that point they can’t do anything conceivable to take the property for their vengeance.

Kundali Bhagya 25 June 2019 Episode

Prithvi clarifies that he is extremely cheerful thinking about her arrangement and will do it, he says that he is exceptionally fortunate as his sweetheart instructed him to get hitched with Preeta, he says that he will end up being an excellent spouse since he cherishes Preeta and furthermore that he will be a decent child in law for Sarla likewise in light of the fact that she is pleasant.

Sarla is remaining in the market she sees the man who was behind harming Preeta and the reason Rishab got hitched with Sherlin, Karan and Preeta are never again companions, she promises to get him captured, she strolls towards him believing that she will take him to the Luthra manor so he can say reality before them and everything which Preeta has been accused for will be cleared out.

Rishab is in his office thinking what Karan said in regards to that he did all that he could to stop his wedding yet was not ready to in light of the fact that Preeta never appeared with the reports demonstrating that Sherlin was pregnant thus they couldn’t stop their wedding, Rishab approaches to defer the gathering for the following day, his representative requests that the members be understanding as they will proceed however they likewise state that they will do it the following day.

Shrishti says to Samer that it has been exceptionally long that Preeta went to Karan room and in the event that they don’t come, at that point it implies they have evacuated the mistaken assumptions, Samer denies when he sees Karan, Shrishti says that he is looking extremely irate and this will mean Preeta is additionally furious, She sees Prithvi and blows up when she sees that he is upbeat. Preeta likewise comes and is looking extremely furious, Shrishti ponders that their arrangement has exploded backward and that nothing has been so right.

Prithvi calls Preeta acquainting her with everybody saying that they will before long be hitched and she is an extremely pleasant young lady. Samer and Preeta both don’t care for the way Prithvi is taking a gander at Preeta they intend to hurt his designate. Preeta inquires as to whether they ought to return, Shrishti comes up with a rationalization that they will before long get hitched.

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