Kundali Bhagya 22 April 2019 Written Update – Sarla Follows Sherlin To The Mandir

Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 22 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Rishab jokes that they will change the young lady, Rishab makes reference to that he is alleviated that they dislike this and have distinctive interests in young ladies, Karan gets a call and leaves Rishab additionally goes to change the dress. Sanjana sees this from behind and is stunned to see that Rishab is after Preeta. Sherlin is getting out from the shop, a laborer fights against eminent loss and gives her the shopping sack which she abandoned. she gets in a vehicle, her mom calls her and says that she should be additional cautious as Preeta is coming nearer to Rishab, Sherlin asks her mom that she is glad to comprehend that she cherishes her a ton and, she clarifies that she needs that she weds Rishab and on the off chance that they come to know about her fact, at that point they will dismiss her and Rishab will wed Preeta.

Mahesh comes and is very energized for the gathering, he calls Samer inquiring as to whether there will be young ladies in the gathering, Smear request that greetings stop yet he says that he is as yet youthful and the young ladies are still after him and he realizes that they truly like him, Samer ask that he turn back and when he does, dadi is remaining there, she calls Rakhi however he attempts to influence her to leave, dadi advises her beginning and end and she gets frantic leaving the Mahesh ask on the off chance that she is his genuine mother and for what good reason did she do this, she slaps him and clarifies on the off chance that he did this once more, at that point she will hurt him significantly more, She additionally cautions Samer yet he specifies that he is as yet unmarried so she says that he can live it up as he needs.

Sherlin is driving the vehicle and is upbeat. She sees the auto behind her and gets stressed reasoning that somebody is following her, she turns left and afterward appropriate to know whether what she feels its fact, and after that gets frightened the auto driver acknowledges this and recovers a bit, Sarla gets truly stressed requesting that he accelerate yet he clarifies that is he imagined that they were tricking her thus he got somewhat, back and afterward he requests that her remain shellfishes, Prithvi brings the whole things required for the marriage, he thinks about whether his mom is coming to chat with Sarla or their marriage, the Pandit makes inquiry asking that he is wedding now and yet he gets extremely frantic asking that Pandit not make inquiries and simply do his work.

Mahesh is in his life with Rakhi and saying ‘sorry’ however she doesn’t excuse him and ask that he return, he holds his ears and sits ups simply then Preeta and Rishab come and seeing his get extremely anxious, she requests that he grasps his hand off his ears yet he says that he won’t do this until she pardons him and again apologizes, she gets frantic saying that is he doesn’t love him yet he specifies that she was ding to do it in Holi, she gets distraught and leaves, Preeta gets upbeat saying that she knows the purpose behind the fruitful marriage, Rishab asks her and she clarifies that it is the propensity for saying ‘sorry’ which Mahesh did quite recently, the two of them catch one another and he additionally apologizes yet she asks that he not do much else.

Sarla and the driver lost the vehicle and she ponders that is he should educate Rakhi regarding it exactly when they are going to turn back she detects the vehicle and miracles where she could have gone distraught sees a Mandir. Karan meets with his better half’s which makes Preeta extremely desirous, she likewise meets with his mentor’s children, Karan additionally observes this and gets furious. Mahesh gets some information about when the young ladies will come, Rishab undermines that he will tell Rakhi, Karan additionally returns and sends that they howl educate Rakhi regarding it, he anyway makes them shun it anyway Rakhi is as of now remaining behind so hears everything. Karan says everything to Rakhi, he inquires as to whether he is his child however Karan coerces him when they leave both Karan and Rishab joke.

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