Kundali Bhagya 19 June 2019 Written Update – Rishab is left confused

Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 19 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Kartika and Rishab both attempt to stop him dadi asks him what he is doing, he doesn’t tune in to anybody and notwithstanding when Preeta falls he pulls her which infuriates Rishab and he asks Karan to leave Preeta hand, dadi ask him what has occurred and he has never battled such furiously with Preeta Karan anyway tosses her out of the house and hammers the entryway in her face without allowing her to try and state anything with all due respect, cautioning her to avoid the house and overlook that they even met and were the best of companions after which he shuts the entryway.

Kundali Bhagya 19 June 2019

Rishab is left confounded seeing what he has done, Preeta begins to cry remaining on the opposite side of the entryway before leaving.  Rakhi goes to him and slaps him asking what he cinder done, for what reason did he affront her to the degree that is he feels it isn’t her qualities which she gave him, for what reason did he do this, he realizes that Preeta has dependably remained by their family at whatever point they required her, he pulled her notwithstanding when she would not like to come, he was the person who was pulling Preeta yet they were all embarrassed.

He says that on the off chance that she needs him to remain in their family than Preeta will never come else he will go out. He leaves yet Rishab pulls him inquiring as to for what reason did he tossed Preeta out of the house and for what reason did he do it without anyone else’s help since despite everything they have older folks to take the choice, he would not have stood on the off chance that it was some other young lady however it was Preeta, he begins to reprove him when Sherlin digs out from a deficit asking that he at any rate select what Karan needs to state, she realizes that he isn’t right yet they all realize that he has never done this and he should have a reason.

She asks him what occurred, he says that he has advanced his condition and will go out if Preeta returns. Karina asks him what was the reason since he realizes how to treat a young lady, she doesn’t ask him the reason, however, says that all reproved him yet did not ask him the reason, he is their child and she is an outcast, Rakhi attempts to take the side of Preeta yet Karina makes reference to that they ought not chasten him to the point that he doesn’t feel any disgrace and never imagined that they ought not have done it and must not stress since she is with him.

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