Kundali Bhagya 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – He Shockingly asks why Rishab?

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The episode begins, Sarla asks Preeta where she had been and for what good reason it took her so late to return, Shrishti says that she generally has her telephone, however, isn’t holding it today, she clarifies that she didn’t have her telephone since somebody grabbed it, at that point Sarla requests that her come after which they will all have burger joint together, Bi jee asks Janki to o[pent he TVs, when they open it Preeta closes it down saying that she has a migraine.

Sarla says that she will apply oil on her head so she should come in the wake of putting on something else, Prithvi is in his vehicle, he imagines that he went to Preeta’s home with the goal that he can persuade them to wed him, yet Sherlin never tuned in to anything he needed to state, he gets a call from Sherlin inquiring as to whether he removers what capacity is tomorrow, he feels that it may be her birthday, she reacts

that there is nothing f the sort and there is Karwa Chou and she needs that he be the one to break it, he prompts that she go to his home yet Sherlin denies it saying that it is her first Karwa chow so they all need to set up a fantastic gathering for her, Prithvi feels that her doing this will prompt his demolishing his life.

Sherlin returns to her room, Rishab is drinking, she asks him the purpose for it, he clarifies that it is her first Karwa Chow and she is the senior girl in law of the house, he clarifies that Preeta is likewise of their family and he needs that she additionally be the one to praise the capacity as the two of them have gotten hitched, he knows that the manner in which he had picked wasn’t right, he severely says that Karan ought to have acknowledged his duty and brought Preeta to their home.

Kundali Bhagya 15 October 2019

Preeta is in the kitchen when Janki comes communicating her indignation, she says that she saw when Karan left the lodging alone so she needed to execute him, Preeta specifies that they never again have any kind of connection between them so this doesn’t make a difference, Janki asks then for what good reason does she apply the Sindoor or is it in view of the general public.

Sherlin says to Rishab that Preeta was the person who destroyed everybody’s life including Karan, she doesn’t feel that Preeta should ever be returned to their home, Karan believes that it is the first occasion when he imagines that Sherlin was correct.

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