Kundali Bhagya 14 May 2019 Written Update – Preeta Gets The Reports

Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 14 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Karan thinks Preeta more likely than not achieved the research center to get the reports. He anticipates her call. Mahesh says now and again what shows up isn’t valid, however, we can’t disclose it to everybody. His dad remains with him. In the event that he doesn’t need this marriage, at that point, it won’t occur. Karan comes into the room and says that is the correct thing, the young lady isn’t the right one. Karan supposes he has no confirmation, yet he supposes Preeta will before long be here with Sherlin’s reports, at that point he will break this wedding.

Shrishti comes outside and inquires as to why Bee ji and Janki aren’t prepared. They weren’t prepared for heading off to the wedding. Dadi and Janki were furious with Sarla, she hadn’t educated them. Shrishti says she went there for the wedding of her companion’s little girl and did this out of the blue. Dadi and Janki state they aren’t prepared to go to Rishab’s wedding with Sherlin; that is another reason. Shrishti leaves.

Kundali Bhagya 14 May 2019

Sherlin comes to meet Sarla. She requests that her goons loosen her face. She discloses to Sarla it’s her wedding today. Sarla yells she will never get hitched. Sherlin wasn’t tuning in and was chafed by Sarla’s shouting. She gets her mouth shut. Sherlin now demonstrates her wedding dresses, getting some information about Sarla’s agree with what to wear. She says until it will be the ideal opportunity for Preeta or Shrishti’s wedding, Sarla probably won’t be alive. There might never be when Preeta and Shrishti get hitched any soon.

Kundali Bhagya 14 May 2019

Sarla didn’t talk at all or open her face. Sherlin says she won’t excuse Sarla regardless of whether she rubs her nose into her feet, at that point stuffs a Laddu into Sarla’s mouth. She says since her Kundli was coordinated with Rishab, next time she will meet her with sindoor in her hairline. She advises the goons to encourage Sarla and keep her alive, she will come to meet her as Mrs. Rishab Malhotra.

In the room, Sherlin was prepared. Prithvi comes there to meet her and was glad that their plan will currently be conclusive. Nobody would have envisioned that Prithvi Malhotra planted the bomb named Sherlin into Luthra family. Sherlin says she won’t demolish Luthra family with her looks, yet with her mind. Sherlin’s mom goes to the room. Prithvi had taken cover behind the window ornament yet Sherlin requests that he turn out. Prithvi endeavors to take the favors however she precludes him to contact her at any expense.

She says its Sherlin’s wedding with Rishab, he should not meander any nearer to her girl. Sherlin says she won’t wed on the off chance that he isn’t anywhere near. Prithvi reveals to Sherlin’s mom that he would remain around and do each conceivable thing not to break the wedding. After Prithvi has left, Sherlin reveals to her mom to proceed to engage the visitors, it will take as much time as is needed to prepare.

Preeta was attempting to stop an auto. She remained at street side and calls Karan. He says he had been sitting tight for her call. Preeta says the reports are with her, they read what they had questioned. He offers to lift her up, yet Preeta says nobody must uncertainty them. Karan was enthusiastic and expresses gratitude toward Preeta. She has spared his sibling’s life; much obliged Preeta.

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