Kundali Bhagya 12 June 2019 Written Update – Preeta Plans To Stop Sherlin

Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 12 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Sherlin considers what Rishab said that regardless he adores Preeta, so she can’t share anything in her life, she should slaughter Preeta as else she can’t be glad and he can’t be hopeless. She gets a call from Raj who inquire as to whether she has taken the jug which has the toxic substance however she says that she will slaughter her with her very own hands and does not require him so he leaves.

Kundali Bhagya 12 June 2019

Prithvi pulls in and gets a call from Sherlin, she says that she was chatting with Rishab just to prod him, he asks what she is wanting to do, she attempts to stop her yet she doesn’t listen inquiring as to whether he has begun to think about Preeta, she blows up tuning in to what he is stating, she anyway does not pay regard to him as saying that he can’t stop her in light of the fact that Preeta knows a great deal of her, so beyond words likewise that Prithvi has fallen in love with her so she will execute her, she additionally cautions him to quit calling her else she will tell everybody reality guaranteeing his passing.

She closes the call he gets disappointed reasoning that he is limited by adoration, Sherlin finds the room where Preeta is conceded, she goes in and is very diverted seeing her in this condition, she specifies that she is going to execute her yet first needs her to see that she has lost, she makes reference to that she could have had her filled yet needed to do it without anyone’s help.

She begins to state terrible things for her referencing how she had the option to make very kid in the Luthra family succumb to her, she will therefor murder her in her rest on the grounds that, Sherlin begins to press her neck, Preeta begins to suffocate yet can’t do anything and after that she gets the solidarity to hit her with a skillet, Sherlin again holds her referencing that she has gotten hitched with Rishab, Preeta gets stunned, Sherlin clarifies that she tested her anyway lost, she will make their life a damnation and even get things done to her mom which she will dependably recollect.

Preeta cautions her to not say awful things for her mom, she additionally makes reference to that she will ensure that Sherlin escapes the Luthra family inside a couple of hours, Preeta clarifies the amount she adores the Luthra family and Rishab so she won’t let anything terrible transpire, Sherlin insults her colloquialism that she can’t walk yet claims such huge things.

She is determined to reveal the genuine essence of Sherlin, she takes out a jug and takes steps to infuse it into Preeta, she anyway abuses Sherlin and pushing her away leaves the room subsequent to locking her inside the room. Preeta is strolling in the corridor, she stars to cry saying ‘sorry’ to Karan for not having the option to stop the family.

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