Kumkum Bhagya 7 May 2019 Written Update – Pragya Makes Flour Fall On Abhi Mistakenly

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The Episode begins with Abhi going to the kitchen. Pragya endeavors to get the cannister from the top of the bureau, yet the flour falls all over. Pragya shuts her eyes. Abhi requests water. Pragya gets down the table. Abhi goes to the wash bowl requesting water. Pragya slips and falls on him, however, they don’t see one another. Meera comes there and takes Abhi with her to the washroom. Pragya figures what did I do, I made flour fall on Mr. Mehra and ruined the kitchen moreover. Aryan inquires as to whether all the work is finished. Shahana says yes.

Kumkum Bhagya 7 May 2019 Written Update

He requests that her tune in. Shahana requests that he help her and not to squander her time, and says she can purchase all proportion in this little time, and says you have lost my valuable time. He says your name will be Sahana… Shahana says your name will be and says she will think and let him know. Prachi asks Shahana to take every necessary step quick and says visitors may come here. Shahana says we will move toward becoming a statue. Ranbir and Aryan come there playing with a ball and demolishes the table embellishment.

Kumkum Bhagya 7 May 2019

Prachi inquires as to whether he can’t see the enrichment. Ranbir says today is his folks’ commemoration. Prachi says this gathering is for your folks and asks him not to demolish him. Ranbir inquires as to for what reason did they set the tables at their playing place. Shahana contends with Aryan and asks him not to talk in the middle. Aryan says he will take his sibling side. Shahana says she doesn’t need stupid individuals here. Aryan gets a call and goes. Prachi asks Ranbir to set the table with his hand. He says no chance.

Prachi holds his hand and says I won’t leave any opportunity for you, and asks him simply fix it. Abhi goes to his room. Meera gives him a towel. Abhi takes a gander at the suit picked by Pragya and thinks to wear it. Meera brings the other suit. Abhi discloses to her that he has picked his garments and says this is predetermination/bhagya. He says I am going to change. Shahana pursues Aryan and grabs his telephone. She says he is the man without mind and isn’t sweet. Aryan endeavors to get his telephone. Shahana asks him not to run when she talks. He asks how could you grab my telephone. Shahana considers him no mind man and says you have named me Sahana, I will name you Monkey.

He says it isn’t worthy. She says you need to keep it. He says I am generally amazing looking. Shahana says someone may have deceived you and says you are looking like a monkey. Aryan says I will see you. He keeps running behind her. Prachi discloses to Ranbir that she won’t abandon him until he cleans the wreckage. Ranbir says he doesn’t take anybody’s requests. Prachi says I would have taken the necessary steps on the off chance that you had conversed with me, please. He will not do.

Prachi says your folks’ commemoration will be without you, I won’t let you go. Ranbir says alright, and sets the table. He asks cheerfully? Prachi expresses gratitude toward him and says I have habits. He at that point tosses the bloom petals and breaks the tables and wreckage heaps everything. Prachi says this isn’t right. Ranbir says I couldn’t care less about what you do and requests that she do what young ladies do. She tosses the ball on him. He says I couldn’t care less. Pallavi comes there and asks what occurred here.

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