Kumkum Bhagya 5 April 2019 Written Update – Pragya Asks which Rock Star?

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 5 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Reporters going to the Police station and tells that they came as Abhi called them. Woman Constable requests that they hold up until the issue is settled inside. Pragya comes there and requests that woman constable let her head inside, and says her little girl is inside. A person constable reveals to her that a major issue is going on inside. Pragya asks what occurred and tells that she will gripe against them. The person constable tells that Inspector didn’t leave even rockstar. Pragya asks which rockstar?

Constable says representative who was granted as of late. Abhi goes live and tells that Police isn’t giving media a chance to come inside the Police station, and tells that he isn’t against the Police, yet against some cop. He tells about the Inspector Sanjeev who captured Prachi on the charges of burglary, what’s more, tells everything, that he requested that he leave Prachi, however, he won’t and told that he explained the case. Does controller inquire as to whether she didn’t take? Prachi says no, you constrained me to sign on the admission letter.

Abhi tells that 2 million individuals are live and watching them. Magistrate calls Inspector. Woman Constable tells that Prachi’s mum came there. Abhi tells that he will proceed to meet her mom, and says simply like he can’t see Prachi crying, he can’t see her mom crying. Prachi discloses to Shahana that Abhi is going to meet mum. Shahana asks Prachi to make him father on a dad’s day. Prachi says in the event that I could, at that point I would have made him my dad long back. Shahana and Prachi get glad. Abhi turns out.

Pragya is remaining far reasoning to go inside from another way. Abhi attempts to take a gander at her, however, the media encompass him. Poke tak wahan pe plays. Abhi gets some information about Prachi’s mum. Constable says she is there. Abhi endeavors to go to Pragya, however media is after him. Abhi couldn’t see Prachi. Pragya turns towards the police headquarters and thinks for what reason am I supposing this. Abhi takes the media inside the police headquarters. Correspondents get some information about Prachi’s case.

Auditor tells that accessory missing case was documented on the telephone and asks Abhi to bring the lady who recorded the protest. He tells that he will leave the young ladies and tells that he is Abhi’s greatest fan and requests that he sing a melody. Prachi is discharged from the lockup. She keeps running towards Abhi and embraces him. Abhi asks her not to cry and says don’t tell that I am just with you and tells that everybody is with her.

Prachi comes inside. Woman constable tells that her little girl is discharged with the assistance of media, due to the compelling man. Pragya thanks the God. Media asks Abhi who had stolen the accessory. Abhi says he will inquire and discover. Other correspondent says you left your little girl’s birthday to come here. Abhi is going out and Pragya is coming inside, their hand contacts each other hand. Both Abhi and Pragya feel one another. He turns, however, couldn’t see her.

He supposes Pragya cherishes downpour and I loathe downpour. Pragya comes to Prachi and embraces her. She wishes her glad birthday. Prachi expresses gratitude toward her and says sir got her liberated. Shahana says you arrived behind schedule. Pragya says where is that Inspector, he made my little girl cried a ton. Shahana says he is there and reveals to Prachi that it will be enjoyable. Pragya comes to Inspector. Monitor inquires as to whether she came to express gratitude toward him and says it is our obligation.

Pragya requests that he quit grinning and says you captured her on phony charges and afterward constrained her to sign on admission letter. She compromises him that she will influence him to lose his employment. Examiner says I have no close to home hostility with her. Pragya says yet it is our own issue. She advises Pragya in the event that the issue head off to college, at that point what will occur, and requests that he apologize to her little girl. Assessor says we liberated her.

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