Kumkum Bhagya 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Rhea asks Prachi

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The Episode begins with Mitali revealing to Meera that Aaliya is Purab’s undesirable spouse and says he got hitched to her without his desire and even now cherishes his first wife. She says you may figure for what reason did he wed Aaliya at that point and says he wedded her as Aaliya needed. Meera asks what she needs to state. Mitali says I need to state that Aaliya gets what she needs and requests that her shroud her sentiments else Aaliya will show her out of the house.

She says she don’t remain with her child as Aaliya made their connection entangled. She says Aaliya is far fetched regarding you and requests that her end her sentiments. Meera says thank you for your recommendation, I will avoid Aaliya. Mitali requests that he pack her sentiments. Meera says my emotions isn’t in my control. Mitali says then you need to pay for it, Rhea may be the cost. Rhea calls Pragya to call her in the gathering, however the call isn’t associating. Rhea thinks to make Prachi desirous and messages Pragya requesting that her come. She says now Prachi will know how it feels. Prachi demonstrates the ring to Shahana.

Kumkum Bhagya 4 July 2019

Shahana says you battle with him infront of everybody and brought present for him. She gets some information about her date. Prachi asks her not to concoct stories and says this isn’t for Ranbir, however for Mehra sir. She says he has done as such much for me and I landed this position as a result of him. She says he is my watchman blessed messenger and tells that even Maa preferred it. Shahana requests that her give the ring to Ranbir. Prachi says I don’t care for him. Shahana thinks Prachi don’t care for Paneer and Ranbir which she loves.

Ranbir slams into Prachi while tuning in to music and moving. They have a contention. Prachi requests that he learn habits and requests that he acknowledge his error. Ranbir says you was indiscriminately strolling. He says you are dark feline and trusts that odds will contact me. Prachi says you are sticky. Shahana takes a gander at them. Ranbir requests that somebody take him to mental medical clinic. Prachi says you are the enormous crazy person of the world and approaches Shahana to get water for her.

Purab is contemplating Disha and thinks about their minutes. Aaliya comes and says I need to converse with you, need to improve our connection. She says we have an actual existence ahead and asks until when we will battle. Purab says I couldn’t give you adore which you needed from always and says I cherish you. Aaliya gets enthusiastic and says I adore you as well. She embraces him and expresses profound gratitude for letting me know. She says I heard what you let me know. Purab requests that her hear him out. Somebody calls her.

Aaliya goes. Purab attempts to tell that he adores Disha and says I cherish you Disha. Ranbir takes a gander at Rhea as she goes past him. He says goodness. Prachi requests that he pardon her. Ranbir goes to Rhea and says you are looking amazing. Rhea wishes him glad birthday. Ranbir says I couldn’t get off my eyes from you. He compliments Shaina and Dimpy. He asks Rhea how much number she will provide for him.

He requests that her think and tell. Rhea says she will give him 5 as she don’t give numbers seeing character, yet taking a gander at what he does and whom he meets. Rhea says she is 10 out of 10. Ranbir says ofcourse and requests that how increment my focuses. She says she isn’t in a state of mind. Ranbir supposes she will give him all focuses once she have a sentimental hit the dance floor with him and seeing his character. Prachi hears him and supposes she will cut every one of his focuses, calls him Rangeela Ranbir.

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