Kumkum Bhagya 30 April 2019 Written Update – Daughter And Comes To Mehra Mansion

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Date: 30th of April 2019, the Episode begins with Abhi calling Vikram and says I am sitting tight for you in the garden. Vikram comes there and says I am here. He says when you didn’t come then I had headed inside. He says you may choose garments. Abhi says choosing garments is simple than making your App. Try not to be snide. Vikram says even I have App not to tie trim. Abhi says at whatever point I need to pass time, I open the cabinet. He prods Vikram. Vikram asks him not to be mocking. Abhi requests that she come. Pragya thinks Rhea is my little girl without a doubt and gets enthusiastic. She calls Prachi. Sarita behen asks her for what good reason she is yelling and says Prachi isn’t at home. Pragya says she will consider her and calls her, however she is in class. Shahana originates from school.

Pragya gets some information about Rhea’s dad. Shahana endeavors to remember and say she can’t recall. Pragya asks how could you overlook? Shahana says give me 1 min and endeavors to recall. She at that point says Mr. Mehra, Pragya is astounded and gets some information about the structure name. Shahana says she read on the structure as A Mehra. Pragya requests the location. Shahana says I can inform you obviously and advises regarding the bearings to Abhi’s home. Pragya brings paper and pen and requests that she tell once more. Shahana tells the location. Pragya notes down. Shahana says when you take the right to turn it is Mehra Mansion.

Kumkum Bhagya 30 April 2019 Written Update

Pragya races to room and takes her handbag. Shahana supposes what was the deal? She considers if Maasi is going to meet Mausa ji. Vikram inquires as to whether he has Prachi’s mum number. Abhi says no. Vikram prods Abhi and says it appears you need to meet Prachi’s mum and weaving dreams to meet her. Abhi asks the end result for you in the vehicle. Pragya and Abhi are stuck in the rush hour gridlock, yet don’t see one another. Pragya gets down from the vehicle. Abhi likewise gets down from his vehicle. Allah wariyan plays.Vikram inquires as to for what reason did he get down. Abhi searches for Pragya. Later they go to Prachi’s home.

Vikram inquires as to whether food provider remains here. Abhi says yes. He tells that toward the beginning of the day, Rhea and him achieve the wrong house. Vikram says there are such a significant number of houses here. They ring the chime. Vikram rings ringer once more. Abhi says the woman will chasten us. The neighbor reveals to Abhi that Sarita behen went to showcase. Vikram says she didn’t hang tight for us. Abhi says I had not educated her and says she will call me subsequent to seeing a missed call. He requests that her call Meera. Abhi advises the course to driver seeing the paper. Driver requests that her tell the area. Pragya says she doesn’t have a clue about the location and just knows the course. Vikram asks Abhi to get back home, else Pallavi will insult him. Abhi feels terrible and tells that it appears as though I am overlooking something.

Sarita behen travels every which way to her home. Abhi sees her and asks Vikram to get down the vehicle. He calls her. Sarita behen asks Abhi to hold her sacks as she opens the lock. Vikram takes Abhi’s pic saying obliging man. Pragya returns home and contacts Mehra house plate. Dadi feels her and says pragya has come. Smash Ram Jai Sita Ram plays… ..Pragya comes inside. Sarita behen tells that she does her homework without anyone else. She says last time we didn’t talk appropriately and tell that Shahana, Prachi and her mum went out. Abhi says I came to converse with you. Sarita behen gets some information about Vikram. Abhi says he is my colleague. Sarita behen inquires as to whether he is stupid. Vikram says no. Sarita behen requests that he drink water. Vikram says he will have cold water.

She says she won’t offer her home or shop. Abhi says Vikram is having his marriage commemoration today and tells that request is for 500 individuals. Sarita behen thinks Pragya made the sustenance for tiffins and thinks what to make them taste. Abhi requests that her make them taste their tiffin focus nourishment. Pragya rings the chime. Dadi says my Pragya has come and is strolling towards the entryway. Pragya asks what I will do if Rhea is at home, or Abhi is at home. Dadi calls Bahadur and requests that he open the entryway. Bahadur says alright. Dadi says my Pragya has come.

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