Kumkum Bhagya 3 May 2019 Written Update – Pragya Steps In Mehra Mansion For Catering

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 3 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Tai ji revealing to Meera that Pragya used to make rangoli, seeing the rangoli made by Meera. She says Pragya had named the hues with the relatives name. Aaliya comes and inquires as to whether she does this too. Meera says she learned on net and used to do in adolescence. Aaliya requests that her do in what she is best at and will choose Rhea’s garments and shouldn’t sit idle on this. Meera feels awful. Tai ji asks Meera not to feel awful and says Aaliya said this as she don’t need how to make rangoli.

She requests that her make rangoli quick and prepare. Meera says only 5 mins. Pragya ventures inside Mehra Mansion. Meera is amazed and says you are here? Pragya says she accompanied Sarita ji for providing food. She takes a gander at the rangoli and says it is great, similar to a family. Meera requests that Servant appear her kitchen. Sarita behen comes and asks Pragya where to make nourishment. Pragya says he will take us to kitchen. Meera thinks such a pleasant soul and thinks Dadi may be glad to meet her. Abhi and Dadi go to the sanctuary.

Abhi thinks Dadi came to petition God for Vikram and Pallavi, despite the fact that she has so much torment. Dadi goes to God and says today she needs to lied as a result of him, and says favor Vikram and Pallavi, however hear me out moreover. She says Pragya is in this city and inquires as to for what reason did she abandon meeting us. Abhi is outside and sees Prachi coming there. Prachi says she came to express gratitude toward God for Sarita behen’s benefit and says she is glad and even she is cheerful as though she found a major line of work. Abhi requests that her head inside and implore.

Dadi requests that God join Abhi and Pragya, she requests that her join her with her fantastic girl. Prachi sees her. Dadi calls her. Prachi contacts her feet. Dadi favors her and discovers Pragya’s similarity in her. Prachi says I will go. She comes to abhi and says I will meet you at the house. He requests that her accompany him. Prachi says she has some work. Abhi requests that her be cautious while proceeding to state he says the equivalent to Rhea. Prachi thinks all guardians are same, mindful.

Sarita behen calls a few men for help and discloses to Pragya that proficient partners were exorbitant. Pragya asks Sarita behen, how they will take every necessary step. Shahana comes and asks how they will do server’s work being vegetable folks. Pragya takes Sarita behen out and says on the off chance that they do any error, at that point you will have misfortune and not benefit. Shahana says she will prepare them on the best way to Serve. Pragya requests that her cut from her installment, yet not on quality. Sarita behen asks her not to less more else she will cut her compensation.

Pragya goes to her and says I realize you have understood your misstep, yet not acknowledge. She says Shahana and Prachi will deal with. Shahana allots the work to the new servers. Rhea comes and asks what are you doing here? Shahana says your father procured us for this gathering. Rhea says server. Shahana says food provider. Rhea inquires as to whether she spread bits of gossip that she was sorry to Pragya at her home. Shahana says she said truth. Rhea compromises her and says your face is exceptionally aggravating. Shahana says your dangers are each engaging. Rhea requests that her get lost. Shahana says going. Pallavi prepares for the gathering and gets Vikram’s chit. She finds the neckband and wears it. Vikram comes and says I wish I would have been an accessory.

He gets sentimental and says I remain in your heart. Pallavi says I didn’t bring anything for you. Vikram says you have effectively given me two valuable children and little girl. He requests a kiss. Ranbir comes and says I didn’t see anything. He goes. Vikram says he knows and says on the off chance that Mishti sees, at that point its great. She requests that he go out. Vikram says cheerful marriage commemoration and says you are looking exceptionally excellent today. He goes.

Ranbir is running and slams into Prachi. Prachi requests that he move back and says you made the late fall. Ranbir says you are after me… They contend. Ranbir says you kick the bucket to converse with me, however don’t tell. She requests that he keep a pet. He inquires as to for what reason did she come to give him football. Prachi says I came to give football. He says you needed to draw close to me. She says she is a food provider. Ranbir requests that her avoid him, when he is with young ladies. They contend and insult one another.

Sarita behen feels mixed up in kitchen. Pragya asks what was the deal? She gives her water. Prachi comes and tells that she brought Prasad. She tells that she met Sir and his Dadi. She says you will meet him once. Pragya says you commended him a great deal, I will meet after the work. Sarita says I am not excessively terrible, you can make espresso for him. She says in the event that he drinks espresso, at that point he will begin to look all starry eyed at you. She says it is said that adoration it. She requests that they do work.

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