Kumkum Bhagya 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Ranbir Thinks to Propose Rhea

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She at that point requests that he drop Prachi. Ranbir says he won’t go. Prachi says I will pass independently from anyone else. Pallavi requests that he go, take care of business. He goes to drop her. Meera calls Rhea and asks her for what good reason she was not picking the call. Aaliya chides her. Rhea tells that she met with a little mishap. Aaliya reprimands Meera for calling Rhea and says you will meet me tomorrow.

I will help you to remember the caretaker rules. Ranbir and Prachi contend. Prachi requests that he render retribution. Ranbir gets irritated. Prachi gets some information about the vehicle. Ranbir says I don’t have a clue. They contend. Prachi censures him for sprinkling grimy water on her and after that fleeing.

Kumkum Bhagya 3 July 2019

She takes keys and checks for his coat. Ranbir asks her not to talk whimsically. Prachi gets the coat and requests sorry. Ranbir says in the event that I state sorry today, at that point will say sorry all year. Prachi says this isn’t a new year. He says it is 12 and requests that her desire her. Prachi wishes him upbeat birthday.

Ranbir says I will say sorry after my birthday. Rhea sees them and thinks Ranbir adores Prachi and went to dropped Prachi, at that point why the damnation he admitted love to me. Later Ranbir comes to Abhi. Abhi requests the bear lager. Ranbir says you saw. Abhi says I experienced a similar stage. He tells about his voyage and requests that he work and win the honor for the best agent. Vikram comes there.

Kumkum Bhagya 3 July 2019

He says you are my child and tunes in to Abhi. Ranbir says boss showed me everything. Vikram says I gave you my vehicle and so on. Ranbir says Chief more likely than not let you know. He says it is great that Chief is here else you would have prevented me from having a brew. Vikram says even he needs to drink, yet stops Ranbir. Abhi says let it all out. They all beverage.

Prachi asks Shahana to come. Shahana says I will come. Prachi tells Sarita behen that she has worked and Ranbir’s Papa will report that he will deal with the business now. She says he got everything in the plate and tells that on the off chance that she would be an organization proprietor, at that point she wouldn’t have given him a chance to be her organization’s guard. Shahana comes there.

Prachi asks would you say you are the lady of the hour? They go to the gathering. Rhea gets steamed seeing Prachi. Prachi wishes upbeat birthday to Ranbir. She welcomes everybody. Abhi gets some information about her mum. Prachi says she doesn’t go to parties. Abhi says we are family now. Rhea thinks how she turned out to be family and thinks everybody is overlooking her and conversing with Prachi.

She says in the event that she converses with my father, at that point, I will converse with her mother. She supposes to make her vibe how she is feeling to see her dad conversing with her. Meera discloses to Abhi that he will be cautious.

Abhi says you are stressed over me and tells that I comprehend when your eyes are sad. He says I realize you are stressed over Rhea. Meera says you have to see more. Abhi says Rhea has turned out to be inconsiderate. Aaliya comes to them seeing Meera with Abhi. Abhi goes.

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