Kumkum Bhagya 27 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Prachi Realizes Ranbir Is In Trouble

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 27 November 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Principal’s significant other requesting that he rest now. Chief says test are close. She requests that he proceed to rest. He reveals to her that question papers are here. She says security is there for her. He says he has sent security folks, turns off light and goes, while Shilpa sits on the seat. Ranbir and Aryan go to Principal’s home.

The gatekeeper inquires as to whether they came to meet Principal. They state no and take arbitrary names. Ranbir thinks to redirect him and rolls out some improvement (cash coins) tumble down. He at that point tosses 2000 Rs. note and requests that gatekeeper take it. Gatekeeper will not take, says it isn’t his. Aryan says it is mine. Ranbir says it is mine as it is pink in shading.

Gatekeeper Santosh tells that each of the 2000 notes are pink. Ranbir says you have won 2000 Rs and gives him. He redirects his consideration and sends Aryan inside. He asks Santosh to see numerous notes as an afterthought and runs inside. Guard checks for the notes and thinks God Lakshmi got annoyed with him.

Aaliya thinks Purab was decent to her when she got unwell. Purab comes there in vehicle. She advises that she needs to converse with him. He says Abhi is inside, lets finish this gathering and afterward talk. Aaliya says why you answer me like this, to irritate me. He inquires as to why you do this. She says I am Aaliya and says that doesn’t imply that you treat me like a mat. Purab says you treat individuals like them. Aaliya inquires as to whether he needs individuals to realize that they will separate as they are not perfect. Purab says indeed, and heads inside.

Abhi is conversing with different visitors in the gathering. Purab comes there and pardons himself. Abhi goes behind him. Prachi discloses to Shahana that Ranbir is idiotic and don’t have the foggiest idea why he went to Principal’s room. She says she never observed him going to the talk. Shahana places cotton in her ears and advises that she would prefer not to hear anything against him.

Prachi says I won’t utter a word against him, yet I am certain that he is accomplishing something incorrectly. Ranbir and Aryan look inside the window and see Shilpa sitting. They plunk down. Ranbir requests that Aryan advise a quiet melody to him. Shilpa gets up, turns off night light and goes. Ranbir and Aryan bounce inside the house.

Prachi calls Ranbir on a video call. Ranbir picks the call and says he will converse with her later, parts of the bargains. Prachi reveals to Shahana that Ranbir is in Principal’s home. Shahana asks what Ranbir is doing there, arrangement for the test. Prachi gets stunned and says he is going to caught in a difficult situation. She gets up to go. Shahana says I will likewise come.

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