Kumkum Bhagya 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Police Comes & Arrest Rohit

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Ranbir and Prachi come there. Pragya thinks Prachi is protected, I need to spare CM now. Rohit requests that CM give a discourse. CM says I was giving you CM situate, on the off chance that you needed somewhat before, at that point would have asked me. Rohit says you are my sister, what are you saying? CM slaps Rohit. Senior Security official requests that the gatekeepers shoot at CM.

CM and others plunk down. Everybody frenzies and run. Pragya comes to CM and requests that she accompany her. CM holds Pragya’s hand and is strolling to go out. Rohit comes and points the firearm at them. He says you both need to kick the bucket. He says I am heartbroken, presently you both won’t be spared. Rohit yells saying no one will move else I will shoot everybody including CM. Everybody stands amazingly.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 June 2019 Episode

Abhi liberates his hand and turns out. Rohit asks Pragya for what good reason she is doing this even subsequent to realizing that her little girl is in his imprisonment and asks what is her connection with CM that she needs to forfeit her and her girl’s lives. She inquires as to whether you don’t love your girl. Ranbir requests that somebody go out and call Police. Pragya sees Rhea coming there.

Rhea thinks why everybody is on firearm point. She supposes to call Police. Moha grabs the telephone from her hand. Rohit goes to Rhea and slaps her. Pragya hurries to Rhea, picks a glass piece and asks Rohit to move back. Rohit asks who is she? Pragya says she resembles my girl, in the event that you contacts her, at that point, I won’t leave you. Rohit says all young ladies on the planet are your girls.

Pragya says I was sparing CM as I am a productive member of society, presently you are confronting a mum and says I will slaughter you on the off chance that anything happens to Rhea. Rohit says she is Mata chandika and we will have Prasad. He says we won’t murder CM, yet will slaughter them. Ranbir and Prachi come there. Rohit says CM is the ticket for us to go outside nation and requests that his accomplices slaughter everybody and protect CM. Pallavi and Beeji are stunned. Rohit begins the commencement.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 June 2019 Episode

Prachi signs Rhea to plunk down. Rhea sits with Prachi. Rohit shoots, yet the shot doesn’t contact anybody. Prachi tosses stick on his head. Rohit turns and takes a gander at Prachi. Does he suppose how could they come here? Prachi and Rhea come to Pragya. Ranbir beats Rohit and says you don’t have the right to move toward becoming CM. Moha comes and keeps a firearm at his head. Pragya, Rhea, and Prachi are stunned. Pallavi and Beeji are stunned as well.

Pragya asks Rhea and Prachi to remain there itself as she goes to spare Ranbir. Disha calls Police and educates about the assault. Auditor calls for additional power. Pragya comes to Moha and points weapon at her. She reveals to Rohit that she will execute her to spare numerous lives. Disha sees her and grins. Rohit grins. Pragya says I will execute her. Rohit says murder her, I simply need CM alive.

Pragya reveals to Moha that Rohit couldn’t care less about her. Rohit says everybody is great here and won’t murder anybody. He says I purchased everybody here and tells that he is undying. CM says Ravan additionally thought the equivalent, however, met his end. She slaps Rohit, he holds her hand and asks her not to end up mum. Rohit asks Sudhir to murder Pragya and tells that he will give him enormous clergyman post in the bureau. Sudhir points a weapon at Pragya.

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