Kumkum Bhagya 23 September 2019 Written Episode Update – What Ranbir tells Prachi?

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 23 September 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Hritik asking Disha not to pay attention to Veronica’s words and says she is irate and that is the reason said this. Hritik discloses to her that he will take the plate. Disha asks do you think I am irate along these lines and says you are disturbing me truly. He says this is going on since day 1. Disha says your disposition of I am so easygoing and cool are bothering.

She says you made her extremely upset and told that I am the guilty party. Hritik says similarly as I disclosed to her that I like you. He says she stated, allow’s split to up. He says in the event that I had advised her to separate, at that point she wouldn’t concur and says he utilized her name and spared his bachelorhood. He says I won’t overlook your favors. Disha is disturbed.

Shahana goes to the room and tells the room that it isn’t hers now and requests that the rooftop fall on his head. She slams into Rishi and insults him. Rishi holds her hand and says what’s going on did I do with you? Shahana says your guiltlessness sometimes falls short for you. Rishi says you are battling with me for a room. Shahana says you don’t have the foggiest idea what is that space for me.

He says before you, I used to remain in that house. Shahana says you were not there when we came here. Rishi says we will be companions. She says it is difficult to turn into my companion. Sarita behen comes and inquires as to for what reason didn’t you meet me. Rishi says Madam halted me. Sarita behen inquires as to whether she harried you. Shahana says we were not battling. Rishi says she was inquiring as to whether I had nourishment or not.

Priyanka and Rhea go to Abhi’s room. Does Priyanka say where is tosses? Rhea calls him and says telephone is ringing here. Abhi comes there and what’s up there. Rhea says you frightened us. Priyanka says who leaves telephone in room. Abhi says it isn’t truly necessary. Rhea says we need something. He asks what? Rhea says authorization. Abhi says you went to my room during the evening and says this may be something significant. Priyanka asks him not to cannot.

Kumkum Bhagya 23 September 2019

Rhea says party, night party with school companions and says she needs Priyanka to come. Abhi requests that they go. They get cheerful. Abhi reveals to Priyanka that no folks from the association. Does Rhea ask I’m not catching your meaning? Abhi says Priyanka comprehended. He requests that they go as he is feeling sluggish. Rhea gets some information about the person. Priyanka says to leave it.

Shahana comes to Rishi and asks him for what valid reason he acted to be great in front of Sarita behen. He inquires as to whether somebody makes me antirishi tablet. She says you are terrible in front of my eyes and says I am from Hoshiarpur, however, you are astute. He inquires as to whether she doesn’t need him to be great and says you felt great that I spared you from Nani. Shahana asks him not to attempt to be great. He inquires as to why? She says don’t have the foggiest idea and goes. Rishi says I am terrible in front of your eyes, yet you are great in front of my eyes. He says this young lady is distraught.

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