Kumkum Bhagya 22 April 2019 Written Update – Pragya Tears FIR To Free Rhea

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The Episode begins with Abhi contending with the person out and about after the mishap. Pragya takes taxi and sits in it. She asks the driver what’s going on here? The driver says mishap. Abhi tells the person that he will pay him the cash and won’t tune in to his garbage. The person requests that he go. Auditor asks Prachi to sign on the FIR. Prachi signs on the FIR. Rhea says she won’t get terrified of her dumb FIR and her. Prachi says whatever you have done is an endeavor to kill and says you are not understanding what you have done.

Rhea says her father will take her from here. Examiner says his father can’t do anything and says she will go to imprison and will turn out to be better. He tells about the conditions in prison and says you won’t recognize yourself subsequent to turning out. He says it is hellfire. An onlooker says she will be rebuffed. Prachi believes Rhea’s life will be demolished, yet she herself has acknowledged the wrongdoing. Rhea discloses to Inspector that her father will give him cash. Reviewer says he will include such charges that even Supreme court can’t spare her. Pragya comes there. Does Prachi inquire as to for what reason did you come here? Pragya takes a gander at Rhea and requests that he abandon her.

Kumkum Bhagya 22 April 2019 Written Update

Rhea is sorrowful eyes being frightened. Pragya says she didn’t do anything. Investigator says she did your mishap. Pragya says it isn’t her slip-up, I was crossing the street without seeing and says she is honest, requests that he abandon her. Prachi says what are you saying, numerous individuals, saw her hitting you. Pragya says I am not saying that they are lying or you are lying and tells that it does that no one saw my sight. She says I will compose 6 and you will think 9. Prachi says Rhea was driving in speed. Pragya reveals to Inspector that they think about in the same school, and resemble companions and sisters. She says they may have contention in school, however, Rhea didn’t do anything.

An onlooker says you are benevolent, yet doesn’t indicate consideration on her. Pragya says Rhea is guiltless and requests that Inspector abandon her. Overseer says FIR is documented, we made it as endeavor to kill. Pragya says FIR is made. Controller says your girl said and tells that now it is a court case, even her rich dad can’t spare her, it is inconceivable for her to be spared now. Pragya goes to Rhea and holds her hand. She inquires as to for what reason did you do such absurdity and inquires as to for what reason did you say that you did mishap deliberately. She says did you think this is truth or dare diversion which you play in school, that you will wind up bold by misleading Police.

She inquires as to for what reason did you lie to Police. Rhea says I was annoyed with Prachi. Pragya says didn’t you think about the results and asks do you realize what is written in the FIR. She requests that Inspector show FIR. Examiner says she didn’t state. Rhea says she stated, however, he didn’t hear. Auditor says there is simply unique and duplicates are not made yet. He says he will send her to prison, and no one could spare her, even her dad. He requests that Rhea read it. Pragya gets some information about its duplicates.

Reviewer says duplicates will be made tomorrow and says she will be imprisoned at any rate. Pragya tears the FIR paper stunning Inspector. He requests that he overlook the case and focus on another case. Investigator gets furious and requests that Constable lock Pragya as she devastated the FIR. Does Rhea ask what’s going on with him? Auditor says somebody will be rebuffed in any case. Abhi comes to the Police station. Constable requests that her park anyplace. Abhi says some other vehicle is behind his vehicle. Constable requests that he move his vehicle by one way or another. Abhi calls Purab and requests that he go to the chief.

Prachi requests that Inspector abandon her mum and tells that she had activity a little while ago. Investigator says first Sardar ji came and afterward you came and requested that I document the body of evidence against Rhea. Pragya calls Rhea close to her and requests that she make Inspector’s video and offer to his companions saying he has bolted the person in question. She says here and there we need to plan something incorrectly for making everything right. Rhea gestures her head and holds her hand. Pragya solicits her to take her out from lock up.

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