Kumkum Bhagya 2 April 2019 Written Update – Ranbir & Ansh Were Busy

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 2 April 2019 Written Update, today written update on starsofworld.com

Aaliyah chooses to check Prachi. Poorab wasn’t prepared however Riya asks where the accessory is at that point. Prachi says they should do the checking. Aaliyah and Riya grin. Prachi instructs them to do the checking. They aren’t hoodlums, she is choking here. Abhi doesn’t let Aaliyah move. He knows this young lady, she isn’t a hoodlum. Riya demands Abhi to give them a chance to do this, this will evacuate this weight off her head. Aaliyah pushes ahead to keep an eye on Prachi. Prachi guides them to check her pockets also however couldn’t remove her hands from one of the pockets. Aaliyah was suspicious.

Abhi says she can’t take. Aaliyah asks Poorab if this is for what reason he was securing her. The young ladies tattle she came over for vengeance. Riya claims her questions were genuine, she stole the accessory. Abhi was still in a skepticism. Police touch base at the gathering, what’s more, gets some information about the robbery. Aaliyah tells the police that Prachi is the cheat, she stole the precious stone neckband of her niece and everybody in the gathering is an observer. Riya was crying and whines to Abhi that he is her ally.

Mira says she comprehends he doesn’t need any young lady in prison, still they have discovered the accessory in her pocket. Abhi says they just found the neckband in her pocket, nobody saw her take the jewelry. Dasi likewise intercedes yet Aaliyah sends Prachi with her. Shahana comes to Riya and accuses that Riya put the accessory into Prachi’s pocket herself as a retribution. She drops her wireless and abandons Prachi and police. The reviewer cautions Shahana to remain out and come to police headquarters, else she will be captured alongside her.

Prachi cautions Shahana not to tell their mom. Shahana was left crying. Ranbir and Ansh were occupied with playing the computer game. Mishti comes to them and cautions them to demonstrate some worry and take them inside. Abhi contemplates Prachi and says he has met Prachi more than once as of now, she is actually similar to Riya. Aliya says Abhi is being fractional. Mira additionally says individuals exploit Abhi. Riya cries that Prachi spoilt her birthday. Abhi embraces Riya and requests that she unwind.

Shahana ponders what to do, she can’t call Pragya. She chooses to proceed to approach Abhishek for some assistance. She keeps running inside and asks Riya how much acting she needs to do. She reveals to Abhi that Prachi isn’t a hoodlum. We, white-collar class individuals aren’t hoodlum or looter. We have nobody in the city. Riya endeavors to stop Abhi however Abhi advises Riya to comprehend police has taken Prachi. Shahana says I was mixed up to come mentioning assistance from you and leaves. She ventures over her broken telephone and abandons her there. Abhi leaves the corridor stressed.

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