Kumkum Bhagya 17 Sep 2020 Written Episode Update: Madan Kidnaps Maya

Written Update: [Kumkum Bhagya 17 Sep 2020].

The Episode begins with Vikram asking Pallavi and Beeji to quit battling else he will toss something. He tosses something on the ground. Pallavi tells that Beeji is pushing her and tells that tosses the blossoms on Beeji which is saved for the marriage. Beeji likewise tosses the things at Pallavo. Vikram attempts to stop the battle. Mr. and Mrs. Chaubey get stressed for Maya and keep thinking about whether the marriage will truly occur.

Vikram discloses to Beeji that she will get injured. Aaliyah’s criminal comes there. Aaliya tells that her little princess will be hitched, I am truly glad. The cosmetologist asks what will occur with the lady sitting outside. Rhea requests that she take her cash and leave, it is not her issue to worry about.

Aaliya’s hooligan calls her. She requests that she come behind the mandap and tells that she is coming there. She asks him not to make anybody dicey. He says he is coming. Aaliya requests that Rhea prepare to sit in the mandap and says Shaadi Mubarak.

Aryan thinks to conceal Maya someplace. Aaliya hears him and peeps in the room. She figures for what reason did she feel that she heard Aryan’s voice, however, no one is here. Dushyant goes to the mandap and shoots in air. Beeji and Pallavi quit battling and draw near to Vikram. Does Dushyant ask what is this? He offers bangles to Mrs. Chaubey and requests that she make Maya wear it? Vikram advises that their little battle came to the mandap.

Kumkum Bhagya 17 Sep 2020

Dushyant says now you need to clean the jumble in the mandap and tells that they like a battle, will see their battle after marriage. He asks Pandit ji to come. Pandit ji tells that mandap has gotten polluted and requests that they set it first. Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey and his better half to take Ranbir and Maya (Prachi) to room.

Aaliya’s thug comes there and converses with her. Dushyant asks Vikram, Pallavi, and Beeji to set the mandap. Does Vikram say how we can do this? Aaliya requests that the hooligan do the capturing. Thug requests the lady’s pic. Aaliya gazes at him. Thug says lady will resemble a lady of the hour, sorry. Aaliya asks him not to call her until he grabs Maya. He says alright.

Shahana inquires as to whether she is smashed and inquires as to why you need to get Maya wed Ranbir. Sarita behen tells that Prachi was with Ranbir in the mandap. Shahana asks I don’t get your meaning? Dushyant sees Aaliya and requests that she set up the mandap alongside others.

Aaliya reviews his danger and a FB has appeared. Dushyant inquires as to whether she will set up the mandap or go to side and have tea and samosa, at that point, I will accompany you. Aaliya says if he comes behind me, at that point, he will know Rhea and my mystery and thinks to set up the mandap. She says she will set up the mandap. He requests that her do and figures he will watch out for her.

Mrs. Chaubey is taking Prachi to the room and tells that Pallavi and Beeji are frantic to battle during the marriage. She says Benji’s bone won’t set whenever broken. She says large distraught is my little girl who has kept maun vrat today. Prachi says stop it. Mrs. Chaubey asks did you say anything? She at that point says you won’t talk because of your quick. Aaliya’s hooligan/Madan comes there and thinks this is his first experience to seize the lady and thinks if he accomplishes the function admirably, at that point he will get numerous agreements.

Kumkum Bhagya 17 Sep 2020

Dasharath is with Ranbir and says I don’t comprehend what my girl found in you that she enjoyed it. Ranbir says I don’t have the foggiest idea, I informed all her regarding my awful characteristics, tells that he drinks, plays with young ladies, and a trouble maker, however, she loved me.

Dasharath says my girl is having a spotless heart and that is the reason she has picked loafer, you. Ranbir says don’t call me loafer. Dasharath tells that his marriage with Maya is correct. Ranbir attempts to go. Dasharath stops him and asks what do he needs? Ranbir thinks to call Prachi and believes Maya’s mom maybe with Prachi. Dasharath takes his versatile and says your battery is dead. Ranbir reclaims his telephone.

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