Kumkum Bhagya 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Hritik Confesses Love

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Prachi revealing to Ranbir that he has no habits and takes the garments from the couch. Ranbir inquires as to whether she does likewise, when somebody gets back home. He inquires as to why Prachi is gazing at him. Shahana says I am gazing you. Ranbir pulls her for an embrace. Prachi stops her. Ranbir says I am excusing you as you didn’t educate me regarding moving the house.

He requests that her take a vacation day. Prachi says she has just educated her crate Vikram Kohli. Ranbir says you didn’t let me know. They contend. Prachi says my supervisor is Vikram Kohli. Shahana says I will swoon now. Prachi calls him bull. Ranbir gets resentful. Rishi says he has worked and goes. Ranbir waves hello to Madhu. Madhu says hey. Prachi asks her not to have companionship with anybody in her home. Ranbir says I would prefer not to eat anything of your home.

Kumkum Bhagya 15 October 2019

Abhi inquires as to whether he truly missed him. Purab says you are my closest companion. Abhi gets some information about his choice which he has taken. Purab says I was fleeing and couldn’t acknowledge that Disha could succumb to another person. Abhi says she has the privilege to proceed onward. Purab says indeed, yet she don’t love him and hritik is only her companion. He says Disha needs to hurt me with her untruth. He says I cherish her and will converse with Aaliya and after that Disha, will disclose to them what I need.

Hritik reveals to Disha that he is getting late and will come later to have espresso. He goes. Pragya comes to Disha. Disha says I will let him know and will cause him to comprehend that he won’t get anything, yet forlornness. She expresses gratitude toward her. Pragya says Hritik is a decent person and says she don’t need her to be distant from everyone else. Disha says at whatever point I need you, you will come rushing to me.

Priyanka tears the blossom petals and says he cherishes me, he adores me not. Rishi comes there and asks what was that message? Priyanka says his yelling and furious voice makes her frantic. Rishi says he came as she composed that she is passing on. Rishi says I won’t let you pass on as you have pained me a ton and asks did you know how much my Maasi and I bear a ton. He says you have moved toward becoming psycho in adoration and my Maasi and your tosses battled with one another. He requests that her come clean to everybody, pondering her hurls, Maasi, and them. She says everything will feel that I am trouble maker. He says I am with you. She says I have a condition and requests that he hurt Shahana and slap him.

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